How a CRM can change the way you manage yourself and your Business!

by | Nov 14, 2014

Let us first be clear CRM stands for Custom Relationship Management. It allows you to store information about your leads, customers, contacts and clients, as well as maintain your interactions with them, in one central and easily accessible solution. Before beginning to use a CRM to manage business, I used a good old spread sheet or a legal tablet. I can’t tell you how many times I over looked a task or a call to a client. Missing appointments, follow ups, it just was not a conducive way to manage business or to grow business.

My first advice is if you are considering the move, go with a Cloud based
solution. This is a great way to go with everything in the world accessible through internet and cloud. If your organization has personnel who telecommute or perhaps several offices around the globe or a one man show that’s always on the go, a Cloud based CRM is the best way to share information with your team and manage your daily business. And with mobile devices in every professional hand around the world the cloud allows you to keep your fingers on the pulse of business.

Since I began working with SalesNexus I can see all of the benefits to having
a CRM that provides not only the Customer Relationship Management capabilities but Sales Automation and Email Marketing Solutions all in one platform and all in the cloud. Since the day of spreadsheets, I have used several different types of CRM’s. Most were not in the cloud and most did not have the capabilities to do everything that is important for not only a company’s growth and management but allowing professionals to also excel.

I can honestly say that I wish I would have had a CRM solution like this in place back in the day when everything was hand written on legal tablets. Instead of bookshelves, I had tablet shelves. I have grown as a professional now that I can free up my mind and rid my desk of tablets. I manage my clients, my prospects; I can manage my Sales growth, get reminders for appointments, phone calls, luncheons. It is amazing how much more business I can generate by using this solution. My mind is free and clear. I no longer have that annoying callus on my finger from using a pen or pencil. I now have a real bookshelf with real books and I am more effective and efficient in my personal life and my professional life.