CRM for Small Businesses

CRM for Small BusinessesCRM for Small Businesses: 4 Keys  to Selecting a CRM Software

CRM for small businesses is essential software for your sales team. Starting a small business comes with many challenges and chief among them is selecting the right mix of technologies to automate your business. A small business of 2011 and beyond must build a foundation of automation technology that can reduce up front investments in the early days and lower on-going costs. Of course, automation technology can also facilitate more rapid and expansion as your business grows and your needs for crm small business software..

CRM for Small Businesses – Advanced Features vs. Basic features

Small businesses often minimize the importance of advanced CRM software features. It’s tempting to select very basic, simple and inexpensive CRM for small businesses. It can often be overwhelming to envision taking advantage of advanced CRM features when just getting customer information organized is a more immediate challenge.

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However, when a small business selects a technology for automation of key business processes, it is selecting a partner in it’s future growth. A young child takes tentative first steps over the course of weeks or months and will inevitably grow to walk, run and climb and require more advanced play toys and more sturdy shoes. Your small business is no different. Unfortunately, changing CRM for small businesses is not as easy as changing your toddler’s shoes. Often, a switch in CRM solutions can require complete re-engineering of your business processes while living with a simplistic sales automation solution can limit your business’ growth.

4 Key Features of  a CRM for Small Businesses Software:

Here are four things you should expect of your crm for small businesses, even if you don’t expect to utilize all these features on day one. Just like the example of the young toddler, you must walk before you run but, you should not make short term technology decisions that will leave your small business hobbled when it is otherwise ready to sprint to success.

SMB – Document Automation

SMB – Process Automation

SMB – Email Marketing

SMB – Customization and Support

These key elements of your small business CRM decision are important to consider, as well as many other specific features and capabilities that may be crucial for your business. That’s why we’ve put together a CRM for Small Businesses Software Comparison Guide.

Small Business CRM <p>Comparison GuideYou can download it FREE here.

It’s easy to print out and check off the capabilities of each CRM vendor you consider. CRM for small businesses – SalesNexus can assist your sales staff in converting more leads into sales.