CRM Unpleasant Surprises – not a way to start a relationship

by | Sep 10, 2008

I have got to vent!  I have been shocked at how many online contact management and CRM vendors are giving their customers the “bait and switch”!

I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with a few customers recently who are currently using popular online or web based CRMs or contact management systems.  You would be amazed at what they WEREN’T told by their sales rep about what they would have to pay for in order to really get things working for their business.

Maybe I’m crazy or naive…

I cut my teeth in business in the energy business.  My list of potential clients that could afford to buy what I was selling was about 20 companies in the entire world.  In that environment, the one thing you can’t afford to lose is the trust of your customers.  I had to go back to them year after year to make my numbers.

So in the hosted, subscription based, online CRM and contact management business, why wouldn’t you see things the same way?  You need your clients to continue their subscription right?  If you hit them with surprise charges after you “hook” them in on the subscription, they’re not going to feel real good about renewing are they?

Wow!  It blows me away.

You can’t argue with success right?  These guys have certainly done well.  Maybe these unpleasant surprises aren’t that big a deal to many customers compared to the value of having a good CRM…

I’ll tell you what though, you can’t tell me that its good business to never mention to prospective clients that when they want to STOP doing business with you, you won’t be able to get all of your crucial client data back in a useful format without spending thousands of dollars.
Well, that’s enough.  We’ve learned enough to know that what small and medium sized businesses are NOT being told by most online, web-based CRM and contact management vendors is significant and costly.

That’s why I’ve decided to write a new article entitled, the “7 Hidden Costs of Online CRM”.  Its going to detail out the unpleasant surprises that many businesses are finding after they sign up.  Its also going to include specific questions to ask the vendors before you buy.

At least this way small and medium sized businesses will be able to go in with their eyes wide open.
Stay tuned for the upcoming release of “7 Hidden Costs of Online CRM” very soon!