Double Your Sales in 2011

Super Charge Your Sales Engine to Double Sales this Year!


Here’s what to expect:

Double Your Sales Cover

1. How not knowing the difference between a lead and a qualified prospect is costing you big bucks and what to do about it


•Specific questions to ask

•Simple steps to take to be sure your sales team qualified effectively


2. How to time your sales efforts to focus on the right prospects at the right time


•How to close more sales by saying no to some prospects


3. How to measure how many prospects are qualified and know whether the right sales actions are taking place at the right time


•Know when reps are spending too much time on the wrong prospects?

•See your pipeline of future sales objectively so you can get a useful forecast


4. How to hold your sales staff accountable without running off your top producers


5. How to super charge your sales engine without increasing expenses


•Easily optimize the fuel in your sales engine – your leads


Dramatically increase sales without hiring or firing anyone!


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