Easy Steps to Start Nurturing Leads

by | Aug 10, 2016

Your spending a lot of time and money generating leads and only a small percentage turn into customers initially.

79% of new leads are not ready to purchase yet.  Can you stay in touch with them for weeks, months or even years as they go through their own buying process?

Lead Nurturing consistently yields 15 to 25% increase in sales.  Yet, fewer than 15% of businesses are nurturing leads today.

Why not?  Most are unsure of how to create effective lead nurturing messages and aren’t comfortable with the often complex technology required to automate the process.

This video provides simple tips to find good content to feature in your nurturing messages, write effective emails and automate the process of staying in contact with your leads.

Grow sales without investing in expensive new marketing programs or new salespeople.  Turn the leads you already have into profits!