Email Marketing Workshop – July 28th

by | Jul 10, 2009

“Email Marketing – The Only Bailout Your Business Needs” has been wildly popular! In just over a month, hundreds of business owners and marketers have downloaded it! Click here to get your copy free.

Now we’re holding an Email Marketing Workshop/Webinar to walk readers through the steps, from strategy to implementation, to create winning email marketing campaigns!Email Marketing
Its going to be a lot of fun. We’re going to select one lucky reader of “Email Marketing – The Only Bailout Your Business Needs” and work with them to create a powerful email campaign for their business. Prior to the workshop myself and Steven Greene, SalesNexus Marketing Services partner, will consult with the selected reader to understand their email marketing objectives.

Then we’ll develop a series of emails designed to achieve those results. During the Workshop/Webinar, we’ll walk everyone through this process so you can see exactly how to do this for yourself. Normally providing this type of consulting would be priced at over $2,000. We’re going to do it for one lucky business owner at no charge.

What’s truly unique is that all of this is FREE! No charge do download the ebook and no charge to participate in the workshop.

If you’re planning to begin email marketing soon or struggling to achieve results with your existing email marketing efforts, then you can’t pass this up.

The Workshop is July 28th at 7pm Eastern. There’s plenty of time to read “Email Marketing – The Only Bailout Your Business Needs” between now and then…

All who download the ebook are automatically invited to the workshop so, get started today by downloading your free copy of “Email Marketing – The Only Bailout Your Business Needs” – click here.