Excellent Customer Service is More than a Short-term Solution

by | Dec 14, 2012

Customers must have a reason to purchase a product.  One of these reasons are probably the most likely motivators.  The product will:

  • Solve a current problem
  • Create a positive reaction
  • Makes a process easier

When you find the reason it allows you to solve their problem faster and easier.   Knowing your customer means you can identify the core situation and provide the options for solutions.

Customer Service is not just about answering a question or solving the immediate problem, it is about building trust.  You want to be the first source to come to for solving problems.  You are the expert that makes their lives easier.   They don’t have to know your business.  They just have to know who to ask. You want to be that person.

Customer Service always answers questions from your customers.  However, sometimes the answer needs to be NO.   Sometimes a customer is better served when you tell them that what they want to do is not the best way to do something.  Your candid and honest advice means they will save them time and trouble later as they have to change their solution.

Point out options for any request they have.  That way you can quickly become the expert they turn to for the solutions they need.
A client may say “I want to do XYZ”.  If you simply say “Yes we can do that for $$”, you are not thinking about what will work for them.  An alternative is to say “We can do that and it will cost you $$ or you can change the request to ABC and do it with your current process at no charge.”

You earn a lot of goodwill when you show the client that you have their interest at heart.  They will remember your consideration when they have another need.    You are now the expert they come to for solutions.