Focus the Conversation on the Customer

by | Feb 9, 2018

Talking about yourself and your products in customer conversations?  Explaining how great your products and services are?  Is it working?

If not, watch this short video by Sales and Marketing strategist, Steve Yastrow:

Learning about each customer’s unique needs allows salespeople to communicate the value their products and services in the context of exactly how that specific customer will benefit.

Customers make purchases for selfish reasons.  If they can’t visualize your products and services affecting their own lives, you’re sunk!

Make your customer interactions about the customer instead of yourself and your products and more customers will see themselves using your products.

Quick Tip:  Record information you learn about the customer in your CRM for use in future conversations.  Keep deepening your understanding of the customer by asking follow up questions.

Watch these additional sales conversation tips from Steve Yastrow:

Steve Yastrow is a speaker and business advisor on issues of strategy, customer relationships, marketing and branding.  Steve’s also the author of “Ditch the Pitch”, “Brand Harmony” and other great books for helping businesses grow!