How To Easily Group Contacts in SalesNexus

How To Easily Group Contacts in SalesNexus

Separate and Group your Contacts by using the Group feature in SalesNexus!

 The following steps will show you how to add a New Group in Salesnexus. 

1) Click on Groups -> Create Group


2) On the “Create new Group” Window, you will have to add the Name the other fields are optional. 


3) Click save 

Step 2- Adding Contacts to Your Group

4) After Saving your Group, now it’s time to Add Contacts to Your Group


Note- You must have administrator privileges to perform the next step > How to Enable Export and Mass Update Rights For A User

5) Once you’ve added all the contacts for this group, click “Make Lookup”. This pulls up a list of the contacts you’ve added to this group.


To ensure that you’ll be able to create a lookup for the contacts inside your Groups, you will need to perform a mass update to these contacts in your lookup.

We recommend grouping your contacts on a common field that relates to your business needs. For example, if these contacts all came from a recent trade show, update the lead source field for all of them to say the name i.e. “Trade Show 2020”.

Here’s how to do this: