How to Quickly Assess and Qualify Sales Leads

by | Jan 25, 2013

If you could qualify sales leads and spend 100% of your time talking to only highly qualified prospects that have a need to purchase your product and service, would it make your job easier?  If you also knew they had the interest, authority, and budget to purchase – your efforts would be taken up another notch in efficiency.

While we can’t promise that our tips will enable you to work with ONLY this type of qualified client, we will show you the essential steps to assess and qualify sales leads.  Using these methods and implementing them within a CRM and email program will add sales to your bottom line.

Need to Purchase

When you know a prospect is the key decision maker with the authority to purchase, if there is not a need to purchase the sale is jeopardized.  They may have a pure, genuine interest in your product or service, along with the budget and approval.  This type of prospect may ask for meetings, proposals and demonstrations but the likelihood of the sale stalling at the end of the sales cycle is high unless there is a true need to justify the investment.

Authority to Purchase

A staff member may recognize the pain in the current situation and begin to explore ways to make a change from their outdated systems.  They will meet with you to explore ways to develop a solution.  They may have a great deal of interest in the new solution and even an approved budget allocated to their department.

If you work with someone with the three other components of being qualified yet they lack the authority, you must approach the sale in a completely different way.  Learn the secret to turning this prospective buyer without authority into a sale by attending a free webinar called How to Qualify Sales Leads and Focus on Sales Growth that’s Profitable”.  It will happen on Wednesday, January 30, 2013.  Register here and bookmark the page – we’ll post the video here after the webinar.

Ability and Interest in a Purchase

challenges come when any of the four qualifying types are missing.  Without the ability (funding) or interest in a solution, it is tough to meet the prospects needs effectively.
Learn about the proven two step process to qualify a prospective buyer in all four areas: Need, Authority, Ability and Interest.  Find out how to know if it makes sense to meet or even continue the conversation with soft qualifying questions.  If the prospect qualifies at this stage of the buying process, you will move on to the hard qualifying stage to find out if you should consider the prospect a real, high quality opportunity.

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