HTML5 Video For Email Marketing

by | Apr 28, 2014

Spice Up Your Emails


Video content can really add some flavor to your emails.  HTML5 allows us to embed videos straight into the email for viewing.  The two major email clients that have jumped on the HTML5 bandwagon are iPhone,iPad, and Apple Mail.  So if you open your email on an apple product your chances are high of video being rendered on your device.  The problem is that many of the other major clients do not support HTML5 video yet.


What To Do


Ohhhhh what to do.  We could wait until the other clients get with the program, or we could use a common technique as our backup plan.  This technique has been the primary way of letting your list know that video content is one click away.  Check out this Emmy worthy tutorial video I created on how to make HTML5 video the norm and still allowing others to see your content.




If you feel like I am moving at the speed of light in the video, do not fear.  I have also created a word doc with the information from the video as well as the full code we used in our example.  Copy and paste it if you need and make the changes where needed.  I won’t judge you for not being a HTML5 jedi.