Keep the Conversation Going

by | Feb 9, 2018

Can you hear a pin drop when you stop talking in meetings with customers?  How can you get the customer engaged in a meaningful conversation and keep it going?

Watch this short video by Sales and Marketing strategist, Steve Yastrow:

Customers are so busy that it’s difficult to get and keep their attention.  Personalizing your communications separates you from all the other distractions in their day.  Continue the conversation by asking questions and learning more and more about the customer.

Quick Tip:  Use your sales CRM to keep your conversations with customers going over multiple interactions.  Review information gathered in your last conversation to ask further questions and elicit a response.   Keep conversations engaged via emails, phone calls and meetings combined.

Watch these additional sales conversation tips from Steve Yastrow:

Steve Yastrow is a speaker and business advisor on issues of strategy, customer relationships, marketing and branding.  Steve’s also the author of “Ditch the Pitch”, “Brand Harmony” and other great books for helping businesses grow!