Longtail keywords, quality score, what else does it take for PPC success?

by | Dec 3, 2014

Pay per Click Success - 5 Easy Ways to Grow Sales and Lower CostsPay per click campaigns can get expensive very fast!  The costs per click
seem to keep escalating and actual sales results can be elusive.

Did you know that highly successful campaigns often have thousands of keywords
in them?  Why you ask?

In general its because the competition for “longtail” or very specific phrases
is less than the more general terms and the quality of the leads that search for
very specific things is higher.  So, this is where the payoff is!

Did you know that something called the “quality score” of your landing page can
significantly impact your cost per click and ranking?  The idea is that if
your landing page is appealing to the searcher or visitor, then that improves the
experience of the searcher and so, Google, Bing, etc. want your page to rank higher.
You may even out rank advertisers that are spending more per click than you!

So, a key strategy to
optimizing your pay per click campaign is to create groups of keywords
where you find as many “longtail” terms as possible but, with generally similar
words and then create specific landing pages that use the same words and appeal
to the person that uses those specific words.

Employing these two strategies can reduce costs and increase conversions and lead
quality.  However, there is another area that is the most over looked aspect
of pay per click success.   There are many counter-intuitive best practices
to responding to leads generated through pay per click campaigns that most businesses
never even try.  The good news is that they’re not expensive or difficult.
You just have to know what to do.

If you have a consistent plan for responding to and managing pay per click leads
and a plan for nurturing pay per click leads, you can turn a marginal campaign
into a highly profitable source of growth.

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