What Should Visitors Do When They Get to Your Site?

Because so much time is spent on attracting new online visitors through organic, paid and social channels, many marketers and business owners forget that this is only half of the equation. While it’s great to bring in a steady stream of targeted visitors, all of these opportunities are going to go to waste if they … Continue reading

5 Tips for Getting More Out of Your Email Marketing Efforts

Streamline Your Sidebar If you have a signup form in your site’s sidebar but aren’t getting as many new list subscribers as you’d like, Derek Halpern from Social Triggers says the best way to solve this problem is by taking a “less is more” approach. Instead of cluttering your sidebar with everything from link lists … Continue reading

LeadFerret and SalesNexus Combine Free Leads with Powerful Sales CRM and Email Marketing

SalesNexus announces a partnership with LeadFerret, the world’s first site with 100% free B2B data for millions of contacts, including email addresses. This partnership will give users access to three key components in a seamless and powerful solution: CRM + Email Marketing + Data Below follows the original press release, or read on PRWeb here. … Continue reading

Why are People Saying Cold Calling is Dead?

Recently, there has been a lot of chatter in the blogosphere about the death of cold calls. While there are those who defend cold calls and say they still work just fine, there are plenty of interesting points about why many believe this practice is ineffective and outdated.   It is hard to believe that … Continue reading

The Keys to Successful Sales Collaboration

Many companies struggle to get their marketing and sales teams on the same page. Because of the disconnect between these important groups, companies miss out on a lot of opportunities. Although it may seem like there’s no way to build a bridge between these groups, there are companies who have found out that successful sales … Continue reading

How to Create an Email Newsletter That Gets Results

Although email newsletters are not a new concept, they are still very effective. Whether you’ve already got a newsletter or are thinking about launching one for your business, here’s how to get the best results from it:   Promote It: When targeted visitors come to your website, they’re interested in what you have to offer. … Continue reading

How to Make Yourself a Better Salesperson

Did you know that you can be a salesperson without even realizing it? Even if your title doesn’t have sales in it, if you are the founder or team member of a small company, a big part of your job is convincing customers to use your company’s product or service.   While the term sales … Continue reading

Spam Words

200+ words that will get your emails snagged by Junk and Spam filters.   This is not the definitive or an entire list of words that activate spam filters. It does give you a general idea of what to avoid in your email marketing. Obviously, anything salacious or that has sexual or pornographic words will … Continue reading

5 Reasons Salesforce is Overrated

Salesforce has done a good job of marketing themselves as a leader in the CRM industry. However, are they actually able to live up to their marketing? If you ask many of the people who’ve tried them but no longer use Salesforce, the answer is no.   The reason many people have been disappointed by … Continue reading

You Need to Say Goodbye to ACT Software

If you’ve been using ACT Pro for several years, you may feel like you’re better off sticking with it. Although it lacks many of the features you want, you may believe that making a change now is going to create more problems than benefits. In reality, the worst thing you can do for your company … Continue reading