5 Tips That Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

It’s easy to place all of your focus on attracting more traffic. However, regardless of whether you’re getting 20 visitors a day or 800, increasing your conversion rate can add to your bottom line without requiring you to attract a single additional visitor.   Since every site and segment is different, you always need to … Continue reading

SalesNexus Announces Free Webinar – 7 Easy Ways Sales Teams Win with Email Marketing

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) February 23, 2012 SalesNexus today announced their upcoming live webinar, “7 Easy Ways Sales Teams Win with Email Marketing“, on Wednesday, March 7th at 3pm Eastern. In the webinar, SalesNexus CEO, Craig Klein, will outline simple and affordable steps any sales person or sales team can take immediately to begin growing sales … Continue reading

5 Things You Need to Know About Pinterest

When it hit 11.7 million uniques last month, Pinterest earned the distinction of becoming the site to reach 10 million users in the shortest amount of time. While that’s a very impressive accomplishment, all signs point towards this just being the beginning of “the next big thing.” If you’re interested in using this site as … Continue reading

How Can You Make the Most of a Viral Spike?

Marketers spend a lot of time thinking of content that has the potential to go viral. While there are plenty of steps that a marketer can take to maximize the odds of a specific piece of content bringing in a flood of traffic, it’s not uncommon for a blog’s biggest hit to come as a … Continue reading

How to Get a Jump on Email Marketing

Although it’s not a subject that excites the tech press, email is still a very powerful medium for marketers. While you can get results from building a presence on Facebook and Twitter, a large percentage of the population still views their inbox as the central hub of their digital life. Because of this, if they … Continue reading

Email Marketing for Sales Teams – Buyer Beware!

Businesses that have a human to human sales interaction with other business customers can be somewhat traditional in their marketing approaches.  Many B2B sales teams live and die by old school sales strategies – cold calling, networking and relationship building. Those sales teams that choose to dive into the world of technology to improve their … Continue reading

6 Reasons to Upgrade from ACT! to Online CRM and Email Marketing

Why are businesses across all industries moving away from ACT! to SalesNexus Online CRM and Email Marketing?  Read 6 powerful reasons to leave ACT! behind while taking your business to the next level!   Click here to download the article.

Should You Care About Social Content Curation?

Elad Gil, who works for Twitter as a result of them acquiring his startup, wrote a post called How Pinterest Will Transform the Web in 2012. If this is the first time you’ve heard of Pinterest, don’t feel that you’re out of the loop. As a commenter on Hacker News mentioned, “Pinterest is probably the first … Continue reading

Is a Hole Causing Your Sales Process to Leak?

Our focus is making it easy for you to track every component of your sales process. We ensure that information doesn’t fall through the cracks that could cost you a sale. While we make it easy to automate this process, many companies aren’t 100% sure if they’re going about sales the right way.   If … Continue reading

How Much Should You Charge for Your Products and Services?

If you integrate our online CRM software into your workflow, you will find that the difficulty of staying on top of tasks like sending out price quotes is eliminated. While we can take care of those kind of tasks for you, it’s still up to you to figure out the right pricing strategy for your … Continue reading