How to Create an Email Newsletter That Gets Results

Although email newsletters are not a new concept, they are still very effective. Whether you’ve already got a newsletter or are thinking about launching one for your business, here’s how to get the best results from it:   Promote It: When targeted visitors come to your website, they’re interested in what you have to offer. … Continue reading

How to Make Yourself a Better Salesperson

Did you know that you can be a salesperson without even realizing it? Even if your title doesn’t have sales in it, if you are the founder or team member of a small company, a big part of your job is convincing customers to use your company’s product or service.   While the term sales … Continue reading

Spam Words

200+ words that will get your emails snagged by Junk and Spam filters.   This is not the definitive or an entire list of words that activate spam filters. It does give you a general idea of what to avoid in your email marketing. Obviously, anything salacious or that has sexual or pornographic words will … Continue reading

5 Reasons Salesforce is Overrated

Salesforce has done a good job of marketing themselves as a leader in the CRM industry. However, are they actually able to live up to their marketing? If you ask many of the people who’ve tried them but no longer use Salesforce, the answer is no.   The reason many people have been disappointed by … Continue reading

You Need to Say Goodbye to ACT Software

If you’ve been using ACT Pro for several years, you may feel like you’re better off sticking with it. Although it lacks many of the features you want, you may believe that making a change now is going to create more problems than benefits. In reality, the worst thing you can do for your company … Continue reading

Should Small Businesses Care About CRM?

As a small business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. In fact, you’ve likely had to learn how to act as a jack of all trades. Because you’re already juggling so many responsibilities, do you really need to care about CRM? Absolutely!   Regardless of the size of your business, your goal is … Continue reading

Should You Use Fear as a Marketing Tool?

Recently, some marketing bloggers have advocated using fear as a marketing tool. Unlike many marketing tips that are pretty cut and dry, this one raises some significant issues:   Is It Moral to Use Fear as a Marketing Tool?   The first question that comes up about using fear as a marketing tool is whether … Continue reading

Your Email Marketing Solution Can’t Do This

Email Marketing is normally used by marketers.  As it should be.  However, if your objective is to generate leads for your sales team, then your sales team only sees “leads” that receive the email, open it, click on the call to action and fill out the form on your landing page or reply directly to … Continue reading

Can CRM Help Businesses When Times are Tough?

When the economy is in one of its all too frequent slumps, should your business even focus on CRM? Is worrying about CRM simply something that’s going to deplete even more of your limited resources? While you may have no choice other than eliminating certain aspects of your business during downtimes, that shouldn’t be the … Continue reading

Big Advantages You Have as a Small Business

Are you concerned that customers aren’t going to take you seriously because you’re not a massive corporation? Do you think you need to take steps to make your business look larger and more professional? While these are common concerns among small business owners, in reality they’re not things you need to worry about. In fact, … Continue reading