How to Increase Profits With Smart Email Marketing

  Is targeted email marketing profitable?   Yes.   How profitable?   Recent research shows “B2C marketers report an average 256% ROI” from email marketing.   No, that’s not a typo. It does say a two hundred and fifty-six percent ROI.   How can your business achiieve this level of success?   Simple; all you … Continue reading

Ensure Your Company’s Success by Empowering Your Sales Team

Many companies make a big mistake when it comes to the way they handle sales. Although they take the time and energy necessary to hire top notch sales talent, they cripple these people’s ability to do well by not giving them the right tools. What’s good for a company’s sales team is good for the … Continue reading

5 Ways to Sell More by Getting Organized

This article has been selected for DeFinis Communications’ “Sales Coaching: Top Tips for Increased Productivity” Blog Carnival. You can enjoy even more posts from other exceptional bloggers at their website.   The most valuable asset a sales person has is time.  Seasoned sales pros are adept at focusing their time on the right opportunities at … Continue reading

SalesNexus CRM Competes in CRM Idol Competition!

Have you heard about the CRM Idol Competition?   It’s a take off on the American Idol theme but, for CRM companies.  Paul Greenberg and a team of CRM industry insiders have launched the competition for 40 “small” CRM companies in the US.  Small means the competitors have to be under $12m in annual revenue … Continue reading

Return on Investment (ROI) for Sales People

I’m a big fan of the concept of sales people qualifying prospect thoroughly early in the sales process so that they can conserve their most precious resource, their time.     The sales person invests his time in prospects hoping the return will be a sale and the resulting commission.  The art of qualifying prospects … Continue reading

Who’s Leads Are They Anyway?

If you’re a sales and marketing professional and you’re not following the discussions in sales and marketing related groups on LinkedIn, you should be.   There are thousands of seasoned pro there to chime in and lend their experience to whatever is keeping you up at night.   I recently spoke with a client that … Continue reading

Are Sales People Email Marketers?

A simple question with a seemingly simple answer…  Email Marketing is for the Marketing Department, not the Sales Team!   Well yes, except for a couple of details…   1)      In many small businesses, there is no Marketing Department 2)      In the course of communicating with leads, prospects and customers, sales people probably send out … Continue reading

7 Reasons SalesNexus CRM and Email Marketing is Smarter Than

CRM Software Designed by Sales People for Sales People SalesNexus CRM -Sales people don’t have a lot of patience with software.  SalesNexus was designed by seasoned sales pros and optimized for the most common sales workflows.  Real sales CRM software answers this call – “What can show me who I need to call, let me … Continue reading

SalesNexus Announces Instant ACT! Database Import Capability

HOUSTON, June 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — SalesNexus today announced users of its online CRM and Email Marketing solution can upload ACT! databases for completely automatic, instant import including notes, history, sales opportunities, calendars and custom fields. ACT! is the original sales contact manager and is used by millions of salespeople and businesses. Previously, businesses that … Continue reading

Still Using ACT software?, You’re Not Alone

SalesNexus just released new, automatic ACT software database migration that’s a real game changer.  You can read all about it here. As a part of our announcement of this new capability, I started a few discussions on LinkedIn to see what people thought.   The question I asked was “Why are sales teams still using … Continue reading