Your Email Marketing Solution Can’t Do This

Email Marketing is normally used by marketers.  As it should be.  However, if your objective is to generate leads for your sales team, then your sales team only sees “leads” that receive the email, open it, click on the call to action and fill out the form on your landing page or reply directly to … Continue reading

Can CRM Help Businesses When Times are Tough?

When the economy is in one of its all too frequent slumps, should your business even focus on CRM? Is worrying about CRM simply something that’s going to deplete even more of your limited resources? While you may have no choice other than eliminating certain aspects of your business during downtimes, that shouldn’t be the … Continue reading

Big Advantages You Have as a Small Business

Are you concerned that customers aren’t going to take you seriously because you’re not a massive corporation? Do you think you need to take steps to make your business look larger and more professional? While these are common concerns among small business owners, in reality they’re not things you need to worry about. In fact, … Continue reading

Ease Your CRM Transition

Have you realized that your current CRM solution is not living up to your expectations? Although a CRM solution may seem great when you’re talking to a salesperson, many companies quickly discover that the product itself falls short.   Since an inefficient solution won’t suddenly transform overnight, your best option is to switch to a … Continue reading

How Can I Get My Sales Team to Use CRM?

Are you frustrated that your company has implemented a great CRM system but no one on your sales team is using it? We talk to company after company who is facing this problem. While some companies simply settle for being less efficient, the fact that you’re actively pursuing a solution to your problem shows you’re … Continue reading

5 Reasons Your CRM is Failing

Instead of giving you a leg up against your competitors, is your CRM actually holding you back? If you feel like your CRM is letting your company down, here are five of the most common reasons why this may be happening:   You Don’t Have Strategic Goals in Place   A quality CRM can unlock … Continue reading

SalesNexus CEO, Craig Klein, appears on Small Business Talk Radio

Last week, on Thursday, August 25th, 2011, I was honored to appear with John Cruise, host of Small Business Talk Radio here in Houston! Online CRM and Email Marketing can help small and medium sized sales teams was very in depth. To hear the broadcast – click here – SalesNexus CEO Appears on Small Business … Continue reading

How Can Your Company Start Producing Useful Content?

In my last post, I mentioned your email marketing efforts will almost always be more successful when you offer value to your recipients.   In the comments, Chris Help backed up this point. He said “On the other hand, if someone sends out emails with USEFUL CONTENT, and eventually tries to sell me a related … Continue reading

How to Increase Profits With Smart Email Marketing

  Is targeted email marketing profitable?   Yes.   How profitable?   Recent research shows “B2C marketers report an average 256% ROI” from email marketing.   No, that’s not a typo. It does say a two hundred and fifty-six percent ROI.   How can your business achiieve this level of success?   Simple; all you … Continue reading

Ensure Your Company’s Success by Empowering Your Sales Team

Many companies make a big mistake when it comes to the way they handle sales. Although they take the time and energy necessary to hire top notch sales talent, they cripple these people’s ability to do well by not giving them the right tools. What’s good for a company’s sales team is good for the … Continue reading