Is Your Business Ready for a Contact Management Software Solution? – Part 2

The following is Part 2 of    “Is Your Business Ready for a Contact Management Software Solution”.   Read Part 1 Here. Organizing prospect and customer information in contact management software is important.  Each individual sales person within your organization can be more effective and more productive by using contact software to organize their information. … Continue reading

Is your business ready for a contact software solution?

You may believe that you already have contact software working for you.  Do your sales people use Outlook to store customer and prospect information? Or, maybe some sales people use Outlook, some use their iPhones or other smartphones and then you have all paying customers in your accounting system.  If that’s close to reality for … Continue reading

Software CRM vs. Online CRM – The Pros and Cons – Part 2

The following is Part 2 of  “Software CRM vs. Online CRM – The Pros and Cons”.  Read  Part 1 here. Both software CRM and online CRM solutions offer a wide variety of features and capabilities unique to each individual vendor.  However, the economic and strategic trade-offs are similar for locally installed software CRMs versus hosted, … Continue reading

Software CRM vs. Online CRM – The Pros and Cons

Would a software CRM or an online CRM be the best answer for your business?   If better customer relation management is an objective, once you begin your search for a solution, you’ll find many options and the choices can be overwhelming. Of course, there are many options related to capabilities and features. However, just … Continue reading

CRM 4.0 – 3 New Quick Start Programs

SalesNexus announces 3 new Quick Start Programs, the most affordable implementation services in the online CRM world.  All subscriptions include a SalesNexus CRM 4.0 step Quick Start Program at no additional charge.   SalesNexus CRM 6.0 and 16.0 step programs are also available.  Most online CRM vendors rely on partners, value added resellers and consultants … Continue reading

Does Customer Relationship Management Involve Looking Inside Their Brain?

Customer Relationship Management – FastCompany recently published an article on the use of Neuromarketing in the recent mid-term elections.  The article points to Neuromarketing as a potent force in the GOP’s success this November. As it happens, I was privileged to attend a talk by Patrick Renvoise, author of “Neuromarketing, Understanding the Buy Buttons in … Continue reading

3 Ways to Profit from Customer Relation Management Software on Day 1

CRM or Customer Relation Management Software is a broad category of business automation technology that can mean many things to different sized businesses.   For instance, for a global corporation with a 500 person call center, Customer Relation Management Software means a system that allows the person you talk to when calling for customer service … Continue reading

Can Management Customers be Targeted More Effectively Using a CRM?

We all know that different customers demand different sales approaches. Can management customers be targeted more effectively using a CRM to enforce and automate the correct sales approach?   First, let’s identify the types of customers in the typical B2B complex sale:   • Management customer – decision makers and executive influencers. Those who have … Continue reading

Cold Calling – A Reborn Tool for Lead Generation

Now, your small business CRM is organizing the process and allowing you to reach more prospects and engage them. But to truly turbo-charge your cold calling process, we’ll need to add another wrinkle.   Most often, you won’t have the lead’s email address at the outset of your cold calling campaign. Getting that email address … Continue reading

Implementing Cold Calling into Sales Force Automation

To plan the dance, take advantage of the things you know before you ever place the call:   •Decision makers are busy and get a lot of cold calls. As soon as they know they’ve been “caught” by a cold call, they’re going to want to get off the phone. •Gatekeepers like receptionists, assistance’s, etc. … Continue reading