Implementing Cold Calling into Sales Force Automation

To plan the dance, take advantage of the things you know before you ever place the call:   •Decision makers are busy and get a lot of cold calls. As soon as they know they’ve been “caught” by a cold call, they’re going to want to get off the phone. •Gatekeepers like receptionists, assistance’s, etc. … Continue reading

Sales Force Automation Recipes

It’s the weekend and I enjoy cooking up yummy dishes on the weekends.  The fun thing about cooking is that it’s always an experiment.  I love the idea of trying new things to see how they turn out.   I’ve been thinking about “formula” for getting sales force automation right.  I’d love to be able … Continue reading

CRM Software System Delivers Success for These Businesses

Big time thanks to these customers who contributed their success stories to our Success Stories page on the website for the SalesNexus CRM Software System!  Read all their stories here. We were overwhelmed with the response when we asked users of our CRM software system for their stories about how sales force automation with SalesNexus … Continue reading

Small Business CRM Customization and Support

Most small businesses have limited resources in all areas and IT is typically at the top of that list. Tailoring your small business CRM systems for small business to fit your business is crucial to keeping the system simple and easy to learn and use for your team. However, you probably can’t afford to invest … Continue reading

Small Business CRM Email Marketing

Email Marketing   It’s the 21st century and things like e-newsletters are expected by your customers. In addition, with limited staff available to maintain contact with prospective customers, a simple series of emails can help you stay engaged with leads, prospects and customers while preserving valuable sales time for the hottest and most valuable prospects … Continue reading

Small Business CRM Process Automation

Process Automation One of the scarcest resources in a small business is process. The paradox is that in a small business, with everyone wearing so many different hats, busy employees can easily lose track of next steps with a given customer or just get busy and forget to follow through for too long. Every small … Continue reading

Small Business CRM Document Automation

Document Automation   Regardless of your industry, you’ll need to communicate with customers. You’ll be sending emails, letters or both. Most small businesses don’t have dedicated administrative or clerical help so, reducing the time required to create common communications to send to customers is an investment in maximizing return on your key team members’ time. … Continue reading

CRM for Small Businesses

CRM for Small Businesses: 4 Keys  to Selecting a CRM Software CRM for small businesses is essential software for your sales team. Starting a small business comes with many challenges and chief among them is selecting the right mix of technologies to automate your business. A small business of 2011 and beyond must build a … Continue reading

The New Reality of Cold Calling and Your Small Business CRM

There has been a lot of talk in the past few years about the end of an era. “Cold Calling is Dead”, “Never Cold Call Again”,etc. Frank Rumbauskas and others have been very successful helping to show sales people how to prospect and generate leads without cold calling. The reason this type of advice is … Continue reading

Sales Influence Demands Sales Force Automation

I recently contributed a post on sales influence to the Sales Bloggers Union.  There’s a really interesting conversation going on there about sales influence.  Check it out here.   I got to thinking though… about how Influence is nice but, Trust is more lasting and more powerful.   In other words, its fine to be … Continue reading