Sales Mastery Institute Webinar :: The New Rules for Cold Calling in 2010

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Sales Mastery Institute Webinar :: The New Rules for Cold Calling in 2010 HOUSTON, TX – SalesNexus, an online contact relationship management software company and the organizers of The Sales Mastery Institute, is pleased to announce a new webinar with Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling™, titled The New … Continue reading

4 Keys to Selecting a Small Business CRM

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 4 Keys to Selecting a Small Business CRM   HOUSTON, TX September 23, 2010 – SalesNexus, an online contact relationship management software company, just published a new article and free downloadable resource guide focusing on four categories to evaluate when selecting a customer relationship management solution for Small Businesses. Read the … Continue reading

Make the Switch from ACT!

All Your ACT Data, None of the Hassles   Many of our customers were ACT! Users before making the switch for good to SalesNexus.  Here are some of the reasons why:   Its hosted online   Always up to date, available anywhere. No more synchronizing databases. No more software and servers to buy, install and … Continue reading

Four Ways to Find the Right Email Marketing Solution for Your Sales Team

Businesses large and small are making email marketing a core part of their marketing and sales strategies.  To fill this growing demand email marketing software vendors are offering a wide array of options to choose from.  Companies trying email marketing for the first time and even seasoned professionals can find these options confusing. In fact, … Continue reading

How to Choose an Email Marketing Solution

Now that SalesNexus is fully in the business of providing full featured Email Marketing as a part of our online CRM solution, we’ve recognized that there is a lot of confusion and mis-information from vendors.   Faced with helping potential customers understand the things they’re NOT being told by many vendors of web based CRM … Continue reading

Review of All New SalesNexus

If you haven’t taken a look at yet, you should.  Hank Trisler has the perspective of a sales “lifer” and a sense of humor that makes sales technique fun.   Hank has been searching for an online CRM solution for himself and reviewed the all new SalesNexus CRM and Email Marketing solution as a … Continue reading

Weekly Live Demo

Join Us For Our Next Live Demo w/ Q&A. Each week we host a live webinar/demo of the SalesNexus CRM and give prospective clients the opportunity to ask us whatever is on their mind. Next Live Demo: Wednesday at 2:00 PM EST Register For Your Seat Now or Use try SalesNexus Free for 30 days! … Continue reading

The Missing Link That Wastes Countless Sales and Marketing Dollars

By Todd Miechiels B2B Internet Marketing Consultant There’s a silent, but growing, epidemic spreading across the internet marketing community and corporate sales and marketing departments. It doesn’t affect everyone, but it tends to strike those very companies that cannot afford to be wasteful or make a lot mistakes when it comes to their internet marketing. … Continue reading

There is No Sales Excellence without CRM Solutions

It strikes me as ironic that sales people so often resist new CRM systems and management is so often unable to “sell” the CRM solution to their sales teams. As individuals we strive to improve our selling game every day, in every customer interaction. As sales managers we’re constantly searching for ways to help our … Continue reading