Weekly Live Demo

Join Us For Our Next Live Demo w/ Q&A. Each week we host a live webinar/demo of the SalesNexus CRM and give prospective clients the opportunity to ask us whatever is on their mind. Next Live Demo: Wednesday at 2:00 PM EST Register For Your Seat Now or Use try SalesNexus Free for 30 days! … Continue reading

The Missing Link That Wastes Countless Sales and Marketing Dollars

By Todd Miechiels B2B Internet Marketing Consultant There’s a silent, but growing, epidemic spreading across the internet marketing community and corporate sales and marketing departments. It doesn’t affect everyone, but it tends to strike those very companies that cannot afford to be wasteful or make a lot mistakes when it comes to their internet marketing. … Continue reading

There is No Sales Excellence without CRM Solutions

It strikes me as ironic that sales people so often resist new CRM systems and management is so often unable to “sell” the CRM solution to their sales teams. As individuals we strive to improve our selling game every day, in every customer interaction. As sales managers we’re constantly searching for ways to help our … Continue reading

Five Reasons Your Contact Management System Isn’t Working

To launch and implement a successful contact management system, whether your business has 5 end users or 50 users, you should have a “best practices” strategy. Each business faces specific challenges when they choose to acquire a Contact Management/CRM software application. The application, by itself, is not a solution. There is NO “off-the-shelf-solution”. The 5 … Continue reading

Four Ways to Encourage Your Sales Reps To Use Your CRM Software

Whether it’s a global corporation or a home-based start-up, the single most valuable asset of any business is its relationship with its customers. However, countless companies often fail to nurture and enhance those relationships. Many businesses tell me they don’t even have an efficient means of collecting and sharing basic information – names, titles, phone … Continue reading

How to Fire a Prospect

Objectives –   •Put the sales person in control of the process and focus time on prospects that are ready to close •Change the dynamics of the relationship – Customers expect the sales person to “chase” them and they take advantage of that fact. They don’t return your calls because they know you’ll call again. … Continue reading

Close the Leads You Have – Touch Marketing That Works

For every lead that your team closes, how many don’t close? Most of those leads WILL buy from you or a competitor in the next few months. Learn simple techniques for staying in front of them so you get the call when they’re ready.   Close the Leads You Have!   Nurture Relationships and Close … Continue reading

Every Sales Rep’s Biggest Weakness and How to Fix It

Sales reps get a bad rap for many things. Teach your sales team to qualify effectively and focus on opportunities with the best profitability by learning a few counter-intuitive lessons about selling and sales management. Every Sales Reps Biggest Weakness and How to Turn it into a Strength   •You can establish a simple process … Continue reading

Double Your Sales in 2011

Super Charge Your Sales Engine to Double Sales this Year!   Here’s what to expect: 1. How not knowing the difference between a lead and a qualified prospect is costing you big bucks and what to do about it   •Specific questions to ask •Simple steps to take to be sure your sales team qualified … Continue reading

Email Marketing – The Only Bailout Your Business Needs

Nationally Acclaimed eBOOK   For A Limited Time – Yours Free Download Now   E-Mail Marketing – The Only Bailout Your Business Needs!   How To Create It, Send It and Profit From it   Here Are The Facts:   •2% of Sales are made on the First Contact •3% of Sales are made on … Continue reading