ACT Database Management – Finding an Online Home for Your ACT Database

ACT Database Management: Getting Your Contact Management Online   If you’re considering getting your ACT database management online, you’re probably suffering from one or more very common frustrations:   •Trying to synchronize ACT! databases is consuming too much time and breaking too often. •You have remote team members who you’d like to “connect” with your … Continue reading

ACT! and Compared with SalesNexus

ACT! is the most popular sales contact manager ever with over 6m users. is the most popular online CRM or web based contact management system for sales people with 1.5m users. Both were the first of their kind.   As the Internet revolutionizes the way we do business, more and more new businesses and … Continue reading

6 Ways to Measure Web Based CRM ROI

#1 – Cost of Ownership   Web based CRM software offers a vast improvement on overall cost of ownership. You don’t need to buy and maintain database servers or upgrade end user hardware and online CRM vendors typically provide better online training and support resources which minimizes the requirement for your staff to spend time … Continue reading

CRM and Email Marketing are NOT Two Different Things

CRM and Email Marketing are NOT Two Different Things   This is the second in our series of posts leading up to the premier of the new SalesNexus.  Register for the release webcast on September 2 here.   There’s plenty already written about the “divide” between marketing and sales. I’ve always chalked it up to … Continue reading

Why It’s Time to Move On From ACT! Contact Management

On September 2, 2010, SalesNexus will release a complete overhaul of it’s web based contact management and email marketing solution. Register for the September 2nd Webcast here. Since its founding, SalesNexus has taken a different tack in the CRM landscape. First, we chose to build a solution around ACT! contact management software. First, ACT! has … Continue reading

SalesNexus schedules release of All New SalesNexus CRM and Email Marketing

CRM software Company -SalesNexus, a web based CRM software company, will release an easy to learn and navigate user interface and full featured email marketing on September 2, 2010. To introduce these exciting additions to the SalesNexus CRM solution, SalesNexus has planned two webinars and a series of articles highlighting the need for a more … Continue reading

SalesNexus Announces New Marketing Director and Email Marketing Service

SalesNexus, an online contact relationship management software company, is expanding its services with an upgrade to its user interface and adding a full featured email marketing suite to its web based CRM service. In anticipation for these changes SalesNexus has named Lance Brown as new Marketing Director to oversee all the marketing efforts and the … Continue reading

Do you talk politics with customers?

The contributors to Sales Bloggers Union were asked if the first 6 months of 2010 had made you forget 2009.  I got to thinking that 2009 wasn’t bad for everyone and in many cases 2010 is worse that 2009.  It depends on the industry and area you’re in.  Whether things are better or worse for … Continue reading

Top 50 Sales Blogs to Watch in 2010

Congratulations!  By reading this blog, you are officially part of the sales blog-o-sphere trend setters! Evan Carmichael just posted his “Top 50 Sales Blogs to Watch in 2010” and yes, Sell, Sell, Sell! is ranked among them.  We’re at #38 so, we’ve got lots of room to grow!   Seriously, Evan’s put together a list … Continue reading

ACT Software and Outlook are Holding Your Business Back

There is tremendous potential locked up inside your business The power to take the competitive high ground away from your competitors. The power to make every day a pleasure instead of a struggle. Convert From ACT Software: You can unlock that power today, without busting the budget! Where is this power?  Why is it locked … Continue reading