Hidden Costs of Online CRM

Online CRM: What you need to know before you buy… Questions to be sure to ask your vendor before you spend your hard earned cash on an Online CRM Sysem   Hosted, online, web-based or Software as a Service (SaaS) Contact Management or online CRM systems are a hot trend in managing marketing and sales … Continue reading

What is a Sales Process and Why Do I Need One?

What does “sales process” really mean anyway? It seems like everywhere you look, sales trainers and gurus are talking about sales process. At the same time, small businesses are struggling to manage sales people and meet revenue targets and they’re not even sure why they need a “sales process”. I think that the sales training … Continue reading

The Great American Sales Challenge – Your Company Selling on TV

Wow!  What an opportunity!  Nationwide exposure on TV!   Calling all sales teams!  If you manage, are part of or know someone who is a member of a sales team that can benefit from nationwide Television exposure, you’ve got to check out The Great American Sales Challenge! My long time friend and colleague, Larry Poe, … Continue reading

Selling with Why: Understanding Customer’s Needs

The profession of selling has changed a lot during my career.  Most of us have learned the importance of the art of understanding the customer’s needs and motivations.  In essence, using the customer’s “Why?” to help us sell.   But we’ve also seen those sales people and sometimes those companies that just seem to have … Continue reading

Selling More = Helping More

This post was originally published on the Sales Bloggers Union here.   I love the posts by Dave Brock and Tibor Shanto this month – “Want To Sell More, Disqualify More!” and “So You Want To Sell More? It’s Easy!”. Tibor suggests better prioritization and time management and Dave suggests disqualifying prospects early so you … Continue reading

SalesNexus Opens the SalesNexus Sales Community

HOUSTON – April 16, 2010 –   SalesNexus opens the SalesNexus Sales Community to subscribers to its Sales Contact Management solution.   In partnership with Jonathan Farrington, of the JF Consultancy, the SalesNexus Sales Community includes Masterclasses (webinars), eBooks, How-To Guides, Articles and more on subjects from Cold Calling and Referral Selling to Sales Coaching … Continue reading

SalesNexus Sales Institute Registration Opens

HOUSTON – April 5, 2010 –   SalesNexus, provider of web based Sales Contact Management and Email Marketing solutions, today opened registration to the SalesNexus Sales Institute to its subscribers.   Based on the multi-level sales development program created by Jonathan Farrington and The JF Consultancy, the SalesNexus Sales Institute includes four selling programs which … Continue reading

SalesNexus Sales Community Launched

HOUSTON – March 29, 2010 –   SalesNexus launches the SalesNexus Sales Community.   SalesNexus today announced the launch of the SalesNexus Sales Community. A complete resource for all things sales available free to all SalesNexus customers.   Created by Jonathan Farrington and The JF Consultancy, the SalesNexus Sales Community includes Masterclasses (webinars), eBooks, How-To … Continue reading

8 Metrics You Must Know about Marketing, Leads and Sales

8 Metrics You Must Know about Marketing, Leads and Sales is the final chapter in our ebook, “Build Your Own Automatic Selling Machine”.  Click here  to download the entire ebook now! Can we get real at this point? If you’re a race car driver, you need to know how fast your car can go and how … Continue reading

Leveraging Trigger Event Selling with Tibor Shanto released

SalesNexus today announced the release of “Leveraging Trigger Event Selling”, with Tibor Shanto, of Renbor Sales Solutions, a recorded webinar available free on the SalesNexus website. SalesNexus published the recorded webinar on its website courtesy of Shanto as a free service to SalesNexus customers. “Tibor has a groundbreaking take on how to put yourself in … Continue reading