SalesNexus Sales Community Launched

HOUSTON – March 29, 2010 –   SalesNexus launches the SalesNexus Sales Community.   SalesNexus today announced the launch of the SalesNexus Sales Community. A complete resource for all things sales available free to all SalesNexus customers.   Created by Jonathan Farrington and The JF Consultancy, the SalesNexus Sales Community includes Masterclasses (webinars), eBooks, How-To … Continue reading

8 Metrics You Must Know about Marketing, Leads and Sales

8 Metrics You Must Know about Marketing, Leads and Sales is the final chapter in our ebook, “Build Your Own Automatic Selling Machine”.  Click here  to download the entire ebook now! Can we get real at this point? If you’re a race car driver, you need to know how fast your car can go and how … Continue reading

Leveraging Trigger Event Selling with Tibor Shanto released

SalesNexus today announced the release of “Leveraging Trigger Event Selling”, with Tibor Shanto, of Renbor Sales Solutions, a recorded webinar available free on the SalesNexus website. SalesNexus published the recorded webinar on its website courtesy of Shanto as a free service to SalesNexus customers. “Tibor has a groundbreaking take on how to put yourself in … Continue reading

6 Action Steps to Get More Quality Leads and Close More Sales

Action Steps to get more quality leads and close more sales So at this point we know that throwing money at advertising and marketing firms is not an option. We need a way to generate leads that doesn’t involve putting up huge sums with no way to know how and when it will come back … Continue reading

3 Ways to Measure Advertising and Marketing Return Easily

Measure Marketing Return – In previous chapters we’ve discussed how frustrating it can be to invest in new marketing and advertising campaigns. Let’s face it, you’re unable to really measure the results of your advertising and marketing campaigns. Sure, you may notice that the phone rings a bit more frequently when your ad runs in … Continue reading

How to Stop Chasing Sales Prospects and Start Getting Call Backs

One of the most time consuming and challenging aspects of selling is just trying to get your sales prospect on the phone. Whether it’s a cold call or a follow up to an already “engaged” prospective customer, we spent countless hours every week dialing the phone, talking to gate-keepers, leaving voice mails and sending emails … Continue reading

2 Reasons What Your Sales People Tell You About Your Leads and Your Marketing is WRONG

Most businesses spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising. It’s a big slice of the pie each month. It’s also probably one of the areas you have the least accountability for. As we discussed in an early chapter, many small businesses just don’t know how to measure the results of their marketing efforts. … Continue reading

4 Fallacies in Marketing and Selling that Cause You to Waste Money and Destroy Profits

What are the 4 fallacies of marketing and selling? As you search for ways to grow your business, you eventually find yourself talking to advertising and marketing consultants. It usually starts with bringing in someone to design a good looking brochure or other collateral for you. You begin to ask these same people for suggestions … Continue reading

Why CRMs Fail and What To Do About It

HOUSTON – January 15, 2010 – SalesNexus releases “Why CRMs Fail and What To Do About It” SalesNexus today released “Why CRMs Fail and What To Do About It” on its blog, Sell, Sell, Sell!, an expose of how contact management vendors set small businesses up for failure and what small and medium sized businesses … Continue reading

3 Radical Changes in the Way People Buy Today

Use These Changes to Increase Profits Without Spending More on Marketing In the pre-Internet days, a publication called “Consumer Reports” was very popular. Those of us that pre-date Gen X, Y, etc. remember how often Consumer Reports was cited in advertising. If your company was reviewed positively by Consumer Reports, you were darned sure going … Continue reading