A Basic Contact Management System Can Make Sure 2010 Will Not Slip Through Your Fingers

If you work at McDonald’s and you have a habit of forgetting to process 1 out of 5 customer orders, how long do you think you’d keep your job? If you work on the pit crew for Jimmie Johnson and you keep forgetting to put 1 out of 5 lug nuts on the wheels, you … Continue reading

Double Sales – A New Race Car to Success for Christmas This Year

To the question “What will you do to Double Sales in 2010?”, we received many ideas and insightful comments! Here are a few examples – “The trick to double sales lies in ‘Laws of Attraction’. Though we can’t stop calling on and reaching out to prospects and clients, we must double our efforts on creating … Continue reading

Review of SalesNexus by SmallBizCRM

To view the original SalesNexus Review on SmallBizCRM, click here.   In all organizations, regardless of its size, sales function plays a pivotal role for the company. All the efforts of the firm toward delivering quality products and service finally get monetized through sales. In today’s business environment, the volume as well as speed at … Continue reading

Double Your Sales in 2010

Its that time of year…   Crunch time. In sales, the end of the year is like what the stock brokers call the “triple witching hour”. You’ve got to wrap up the year strong and beat your quota, you’ve got holiday activities with clients, prospects and co-workers and you’ve got budget meetings planning for next … Continue reading

Nominate Your Sales Superstar!

Sales superstars close more deals and ramp up business for their companies. Do you know one? AllBusiness and Top Sales Experts want to honor the top-performing salespeople who deliver results in today’s competitive market. You can help make that happen. We need your nomination. The panel of top sales coaches and experts will select one … Continue reading

4 Steps to Attract Quality Prospects to Your Sales Team

If your sales team is doing its own prospects then kudos to you! You’ve got your team doing a number of things and keeping your life simple. When you think about it, finding, making contact with and qualifying new prospects involve a very different set of skills and strengths than preparing proposals, negotiating and closing … Continue reading

The Times They Are Changing – Online Habits and Online Marketing

I thought I would share an article I noticed by Ann Handley, on American Express’ Open website – “Digital Marketing Facts – What’s Working?”. The article compares where we spend out time online in 2009 vs. 2004. In just 5 years, things have changed in more than you might think! There’s much more data in … Continue reading

Cold Calling in the 21st Century: The New Rules

Cold Calling Rules – Are you a fan of Glengarry, Glenross? Boiler Room? Ready to get on the phone and sell something? Are you tired of the emails from all these guys going on and on about how Cold Calling is dead? Well then, you’re a real sales person my friend! Hey, I’m not denying … Continue reading

Spam Words – Words You Should Avoid In Your Email Marketing

Getting your emails past the spam filters and keeping them out of your customers’ Junk Mail folder is job number one in email marketing. If you’re using an email marketing service, then you can count on them to ensure they are “white listed” with major ISPs, etc. but, what’s much more difficult to manage is … Continue reading

Why Support Matters When Choosing an Online CRM Provider

Online CRM Provider – If you’re considering an online CRM or web based contact management system, then you’re probably focused on features and pricing.  Dashboards, analytics, automation and cost of your SaaS or Cloud based CRM system are what most businesses focus on during the selection process. You’re looking to automate and better manage your … Continue reading