“Double Your Sales in 2009” Begins Monday January 23!

Super Charge Your Sales Engine to Double Sales this Year! Double Sales – This coming Monday, January 26, we’ll release the first installment of our 5 part e-Book, “Double Your Sales in 2009”! I’m extremely excited about it! We’ve been applying this process to several businesses in 2008 and have perfected a formula that will work … Continue reading

Earn $100 for a Name!

Everybody’s talking about “tough economic times”, etc…. so, we at SalesNexus thought we’d try to help out! We’ve come up with a way to put $100 in your pocket! If you have friends or colleagues that could benefit from SalesNexus’ online contact management system, you can refer them to us and get $100! Learn how … Continue reading

Awesome video on how to ask instead of tell in sales

We’ve all heard about “consultive selling” and most readers of this blog have probably at least tried to follow its principle of asking probing questions and listening the customer’s real needs. I’ve had the opportunity to talk with Micheal Lake, of Red Lake Marketing, recently and he shared a really great video his company produced … Continue reading

2009 is the year to Double Your Sales

I don’t know about you but, I’m REALLY tired of all the doom and gloom we’re hearing these days. I look around me and I listen to my clients and prospects and I don’t sense the end of the world as we know it. If you own or work in a small business, you probably … Continue reading

Fear, Recession and Closing Customers

Recession, economic crisis, financial grid lock, even DE-pression!  These are the words we hear virtually everywhere these days. Its scary.  If you’re running or selling for a small business, its likely that the gloom and doom that is being showered on us by our politicians, Wall Street and the media has gotten your customers in … Continue reading

Your Pants Are Down and You Don’t Even Know It

Today’s Wall Street Journal includes an article entitled “Businesses Say Theft by Their Workers is Up”, by Sarah Needleman. The theme of the article is that in “these tough economic times”, more employees are padding their expense accounts, stealing office supplies, etc. Ms. Needleman quotes Bob Riordan, leader of labor and employment practice group Alston … Continue reading

World’s Best Sales Blogs released

If sales is your game, then honing your skills is always on your agenda. Its almost 2009 and there is now soooo much great advice available online for FREE that its unbelieveable. Jonathan Farrington just released his list of the World’s Best Sales Blogs. This is a tremendous resource of expertise in sales. In fact, … Continue reading

6 Ways to Make Your Webinar A Success

“Webinar?”  That’s the response I got at a recent family gathering… I was telling some of the group about my business, etc. and mentioned how important our weekly webinars are.  Most of them had no idea what I meant.I had to explain.  If you don’t know, its an online seminar, hence “Webinar”.  In my mind, … Continue reading

Close More of Your Web Leads

I was recently asked to write a guest post by Gerald Weber of Search Engine Marketing Group for his excellent blog on Search Marketing.> The topic is adjusting your sales process in order to maximize close rates and return on leads that come through your web site.  If you’re spending money to drive traffic to your website, then … Continue reading