The Sales Management Imperative – Webinar This Thursday

There has never been a more critical time for sales managers to lead from the front. This Thursday, Keith Rosen and Jonathan Farrington host “The Sales Management Imperative“ and you’re invited! Join two of the foremost sales team development experts in the world – Keith Rosen & Jonathan Farrington – for this hard hitting coaching … Continue reading

Marketing Opportunities During Slow Times

Are you struggling with where to cut budgets during slow times?  If so, read this great article about how some of the great marketers of all times have responded to downturns. A customer forwarded this article to me as its related to our Mail It For Me Service.  However, I think this article does a great … Continue reading

Lessons from Baseball – Don’t Pull Your Best Players Off the Field

Today I had the opportunity to participate in Top Sales Expert‘s first roundtable discussion, “The Future of Professional Selling”. Contributors included Jill Konrath, Linda Richardson and of course, Jonathan Farrington. The roundtable was packed with insights valuable to any sales person, sales manager or business owner. Top Sales Experts is hosting weekly webinars focusing on … Continue reading

Free eBook – Double Your Sales in 2009 – available now

The entire 5 part series is now available for immediate download as a complete e-Book! Double Your Sales in 2009 has been more popular than any other article, whitepaper or e-Book we’ve ever released, by far! Stop listening to the doom and gloom in the news. You can take charge of your own destiny in … Continue reading

Craig Klein Interviewed by Top Sales Experts

I had the honor of being interviewed by Maureen Blandford, of the Top Sales Experts, about the importance of contact management for sales people and what makes it work. Sales people tend to see a CRM or contact management system as an attempt by management to “micro-manage” them. Of course, it shouldn’t be that way … Continue reading

Pour In The Jet Fuel – Part 5 of Double Your Sales in 2009

There are good leads and not so good leads. Many times, you instinctively know the difference. Other times, you’re completely surprised by the results. You spend a lot of money and time to generate these unpredictable results. The leads your sales team pursues is the fuel in your sales engine. Right now, you’re pouring all … Continue reading

Set the Mustangs Free – Part 4 of Double Your Sales in 2009

How many sales management books have you read? I’m sure each of your sales reps has a couple of sales guru books that they keep on their desk. Have you invested in sales training for you team? A lot of time and money have gone into refining the skills of your sales team. But somehow, … Continue reading

The Law of Attraction – Part 3 of Double Your Sales in 2009

Your paying expense bills for lunches, meetings, flights and hotel rooms. Its the cost of doing business right? How many of the clients you’re spending all that time and money on are buying anything? Not enough right? Your artillery is firing at any target they can find. There is no other way is there? Yes … Continue reading

Time is Everything – Double Your Sales in 2009 Part 2

You don’t send a proposal to a new lead you’ve never talked to right?  You wouldn’t try to schedule a presentation with a company that just signed a multi-year contract with your competition either.  Some things in selling are obvious.  Many more are not.  In fact they can be completely counter-intuitive. Are you using a … Continue reading

Qualify Early and Often – Part 1 of 5 from “Double Your Sales in 2009”

This is the first installment in a 5 part series we’ll be releasing each Monday, through February – “Double Your Sales in 2009”!  We’ve identified a series of 5 simple and inexpensive steps any business can take to super charge their sales engine quickly.  In this series we’ll highlight each step in the process one … Continue reading