Its all in how you say it

We all know there are countless ways to say everything.  We also know that choosing the best way to say something can mean the difference between communication and confusion, success and failure, motivation and discouragement. I found this video on John Winter’s blog and just had to share it.  Apparantly it was used to help … Continue reading

Mandatory Reading for All Sales Managers

Jonathan Farrington’s blog is always packed with incredibly valuable wisdom that any sales manager or business owner can use. Now he’s packed all the best of his posts and those contributed by others into a nice, neat e-Book that you can download and take with you. If you’re leading a sales effort and you want … Continue reading

Getting Real about Social Media

Chris Brogan hits it out of the park again!  He’s just released an awesome e-Book on using social media to get REAL results in Business to Business sales. His e-Book, “Fishing Where the Fish Are” maps social media to the B2B buying cycle.  Well worth the read. If you’re a business owner or sales manager … Continue reading

Wells Fargo Small Business Index

Thanks to “Technology for Business Sake” for pointing out this very intriguing survey conducted by Wells Fargo. There “Small Business Index” contains some really good insights into the perspectives of small business owners on technology. Particularly of interest to me is that only 35% of small business owners say that loss of Internet access would … Continue reading

Time to get optimistic

Gloom and doom is everywhere these days!  Uhg… I’m soooo tired of hearing all the hyperbole about the economy. I’m lucky.  Years of managing sales people and running businesses has steeled my optimism.  I’ve learned the hard way that every down turn or set back is the beginning of your next big break through.   … Continue reading

Top Sales Experts’ New eBook

Top Sales Experts has released its latest new eBook packed full of great sales wisdom and advice from some of the world’s top sales guru’s.   If you’re in sales or manage sales, this is timely, powerful advice you can use in your everyday life to improve your sales results. Topics include:   •Lead Nurturing … Continue reading

Number 1 Mistake Online Advertisers Make

Many of the online advertising experts, Search Engine Optimization, Adwords Campaigns, etc., that I know will tell you this but, unfortunately, I don’t think most small businesses that are experimenting with generating leads via their web site and driving traffic to their site via search engines are reading the same things I am.  I recently … Continue reading

Politicians, Fat Cats and Small Businesses

Small businesses owners are the engine of freedom.   Wow!  What a month!  The last 4 weeks have seen Hurricane Ike hit us here in Houston, a world wide financial crisis, the U.S. goverment’s direct nationalization of a big chuck of the mortgage and banking industries and two presidential candidates competing with each other for … Continue reading

Things Hurricane Ike Taught Us

I couldn’t resist posting these funny quips from an anonymous house wife here in Houston.  Even for those across the country dealing with the damage Ike inflicted in Eastern states and of course, those in the Gulf Coast states that suffer hurricane regularly, this are priceless!  Enjoy!   Things Ike taught me   Coffee and … Continue reading

The most common reason sales are lost

Jonathan Farrington just posted an excellent article with some enlightening statistics about how often sales people fail to call on all of the individuals involved in the decision making process.   Bottom line – there are normally from 3 to 6 separate individuals involved in making a business purchasing decision.  Sales people normally call on … Continue reading