Your Pants Are Down and You Don’t Even Know It

Today’s Wall Street Journal includes an article entitled “Businesses Say Theft by Their Workers is Up”, by Sarah Needleman. The theme of the article is that in “these tough economic times”, more employees are padding their expense accounts, stealing office supplies, etc. Ms. Needleman quotes Bob Riordan, leader of labor and employment practice group Alston … Continue reading

World’s Best Sales Blogs released

If sales is your game, then honing your skills is always on your agenda. Its almost 2009 and there is now so much great advice available online for FREE that its unbelievable.   Jonathan Farrington just released his list of the World’s Best Sales Blogs. This is a tremendous resource of expertise in sales. In … Continue reading

6 Ways to Make Your Webinar A Success

“Webinar?”  That’s the response I got at a recent family gathering… I was telling some of the group about my business, etc. and mentioned how important our weekly webinars are.  Most of them had no idea what I meant.I had to explain.  If you don’t know, its an online seminar, hence “Webinar”.  In my mind, … Continue reading

Time to get optimistic

Gloom and doom is everywhere these days!  Uhg… I’m soooo tired of hearing all the hyperbole about the economy. I’m lucky.  Years of managing sales people and running businesses has steeled my optimism.  I’ve learned the hard way that every down turn or set back is the beginning of your next big break through. If … Continue reading

Top Sales Experts’ New eBook

Top Sales Experts has released its latest new eBook packed full of great sales wisdom and advice from some of the world’s top sales guru’s. If you’re in sales or manage sales, this is timely, powerful advice you can use in your everyday life to improve your sales results. Topics include: •Lead Nurturing •Call Reluctance … Continue reading

Number 1 Mistake Online Advertisers Make

Many of the online advertising experts, Search Engine Optimization, Adwords Campaigns, etc., that I know will tell you this but, unfortunately, I don’t think most small businesses that are experimenting with generating leads via their web site and driving traffic to their site via search engines are reading the same things I am.  I recently … Continue reading

Politicians, Fat Cats and Small Businesses

Small businesses owners are the engine of freedom. Wow!  What a month!  The last 4 weeks have seen Hurricane Ike hit us here in Houston, a world wide financial crisis, the U.S. government’s direct nationalization of a big chuck of the mortgage and banking industries and two presidential candidates competing with each other for who … Continue reading

Things Hurricane Ike Taught Us

I couldn’t resist posting these funny quips from an anonymous house wife here in Houston.  Even for those across the country dealing with the damage Ike inflicted in Eastern states and of course, those in the Gulf Coast states that suffer hurricane regularly, this are priceless!  Enjoy!   Things Ike taught me   Coffee and … Continue reading

The most common reason sales are lost

Jonathan Farrington just posted an excellent article with some enlightening statistics about how often sales people fail to call on all of the individuals involved in the decision making process. Bottom line – there are normally from 3 to 6 separate individuals involved in making a business purchasing decision.  Sales people normally call on an … Continue reading

Hurricane Ike teaches us a few things – Thank You Plywood!

Wow!  Do I feel lucky today! I’ve been a resident of Houston, Texas for 40 plus years and I have to say that Hurricane Ike was the worst I’ve ever been through personally. My family was extremely fortunate.  No damage or injuries to speak of.  Most of my SalesNexus colleagues came through fine too.  A … Continue reading