Is your phone system helping or hurting?

We all spend a lot of time optimizing the way we market, obtain leads and manage them through our sales pipeline.  All too often, a seemingly small thing can create a bad impression and turn a river of sales opportunities into a trickling stream.   Todd Miechiels, a Web Marketing guru that I know and … Continue reading

OMG – Just shut up and sell!

You’ve heard the phrase “show up and throw up”, right?   If not, then you’re part of the problem!   Yesterday I was treated to one of the most egregious examples of nervous sales person babble I’ve ever experienced. Uhg. It was painful.   Too bad too… The service this guy was selling is something … Continue reading

Make Sending Sales Letters and Marketing Pieces Easy

Okay, this is shameless self promotion but, I’m too excited to keep quiet about it! SalesNexus just released a new service called “Mail It For Me” within our web based contact management system that allows sales people to send sales letters and marketing collateral to prospects and clients with a push of a button.  No … Continue reading

Lead Nurturing 101

Brian Carroll’s B2B Lead Generation blog is a great resource.  I read regularly.   Today I noticed his recent post on Lead Nurturing techniques.  Not sure what Brian’s strategy is but, he’s basically given away the keys to the store with this post! I know for sure that users of CRM and Contact Management Systems … Continue reading

Customers lie to you and its your fault

I’ve been trained to expect customers to lie to me.  Luckily I don’t take it personally.  I know why they do it and I know how to avoid it or use it to my advantage.   I noticed this audio clip on Salesopedia and thought you all would enjoy it.   Customers lie to sales … Continue reading

Stonehenge Selling

Finally!  Proof that you don’t need the latest and greatest technology to accomplish great things!   You may think that’s an unwise statement given that I run a company that sells online contact management systems for small business sales teams…   So, let me first say that SalesNexus does have some pretty cool and cutting … Continue reading

High Quality Leads You’re Probably Missing

Frank Reed posted a good article on Mike Moran’s Biznology blog today that hit a note that’s worth hearing if you’re responsible for marketing, lead generation or selling in your company.   Most small businesses are missing a HUGE opportunity to improve the quality and quantity of the leads their sales teams are working with and improve marketing ROI.   Search … Continue reading

Improve Service and Keep Customers with Chat

I am not a patient person.  When I need technical support or customer service from a big corporation, a feeling of dread wells up in me. You know the feeling.  We’ve all been there.  On hold, wading through phone menus, wasting time.  The most frustrating thing is when you tell your story to one rep, … Continue reading

Twitter update

Just a quick update on my progress with Twitter –   I’ve been tweeting for about 5 days now and it is kind of addicting.  It appears that the trick is to “follow” the right people.   As of this morning, I’m following 32 people and 13 are following me.  These people are from all … Continue reading

Getting Contact Management Implementation Right Takes a Bit of Time

You gotta love it when customers help you see your own business more clearly! I had an experience like that today.  This customer, we’ll call her Nicky, just joined her company as Director of Sales.  Prior to her arrival, there has been NO sales tracking, contact management, CRM or marketing to speak of. Nicky’s fought … Continue reading