Improve Service and Keep Customers with Chat

I am not a patient person.  When I need technical support or customer service from a big corporation, a feeling of dread wells up in me. You know the feeling.  We’ve all been there.  On hold, wading through phone menus, wasting time.  The most frustrating thing is when you tell your story to one rep, … Continue reading

Twitter update

Just a quick update on my progress with Twitter –   I’ve been tweeting for about 5 days now and it is kind of addicting.  It appears that the trick is to “follow” the right people.   As of this morning, I’m following 32 people and 13 are following me.  These people are from all … Continue reading

Getting Contact Management Implementation Right Takes a Bit of Time

You gotta love it when customers help you see your own business more clearly! I had an experience like that today.  This customer, we’ll call her Nicky, just joined her company as Director of Sales.  Prior to her arrival, there has been NO sales tracking, contact management, CRM or marketing to speak of. Nicky’s fought … Continue reading

Getting to Smile and Dial mode with Contact Management System

Getting to Smile and Dial mode with Contact Management System Contact Management System – My wife is one of the least organized people I know.  That’s not a slam, its a fact.  She and I are polar opposites in countless ways and we’ve decided that’s, of course, what keeps our relationship sizzling! I’ve tried to … Continue reading

Tweet Tweet

Alright!  Enough!  I’ve heard it over and over for the past year.  “You’ve got to Twitter!”   For those that don’t know already, is one of the hottest social media trends.  Basically, you put in short updates about what you’re doing throughout the day and your friends can “follow” you.  You can choose who … Continue reading

Happy National Hug Your Kids Day

Today, Monday, July 21, 2008, is National Hug Your Kids Day!   I bet that’s news to you.  This is the first annual National Hug Your Kids Day.  Its the result of a tragic loss and the remarkable strength of one mom, Michelle Nichols.   Michelle formerly wrote the Business Week magazine column, “Savvy Selling”.  … Continue reading

Hiring the best sales people

Friends and readers of Sell, Sell, Sell!, Bradford Smart, Ph.D, and Greg Alexander, just released a great new book that anyone in the sales world must read!   If you’re hiring sales people, you’re going to love it.   If you’re a sales rep looking for your next challenge, you need to know what’s in … Continue reading

Its a whole new ball game KIDS!

We’ve all learned to sell by understanding the customer’s needs – asking questions and showing them the way to what they want or need…   It has to be this way because the customer has the power.  They can decide to buy or not to buy.   It appears that a major change is underway … Continue reading

The changing role of sales

Brian Carroll just posted a great podcast on his B2B Lead Gen blog.   Its well worth a listen!   Very interesting perspective – sales people are the 2nd choice of prospects for information, 1st choice being your company’s website.   Think about that for a minute…   The sales person ultimately becomes the guide.  Shepherding … Continue reading