The one thing you changed in 2007 has asked its contributors to answer the question, “What’s the one thing you changed in 2007 that had the greatest impact on sales?”. There have been some fascinating responses. Jan Visser, founder of, asked me to contribute my two cents to the discussion. Click here to read my post to   The … Continue reading

Xerox pioneered the science of selling

I once worked with a sales veteran who could show up and sit down in just about any situation and start building relationships and closing sales almost instantly.  His secret weapon was that he had worked for a Xerox distributor early in his career and had participated in a lot of Xerox sales training. This … Continue reading

Sell and serve your customers better by putting them in a bucket

That’s right, I said “put them in a bucket”… Of course, what I mean is to categorize them.  There are all kinds of potential markets and customers for your business out there.  You need to know which ones are the most profitable for you.  I call them “buckets”. You can only carry 2 or 3 … Continue reading

The “script” that gets results

In front of the customer, they’re instinctive…   But somehow, they’re tough to write down on a piece of paper.   Your qualification questions.  The questions you ask a prospect so that you understand they’re needs and what solutions you may have that they’ll see value in.   So you’re asking, why do I need … Continue reading

Making your horses drink the water

Sales wins customers and customer service keeps them.  Growing your business depends on both.  In recent posts, I’ve addressed how easy and profitable it can be to use an information system to beat the pants of your competitors at customer service and turn your sales reps into top performers by getting them just a little … Continue reading

Get more out of everything

Per my last post, I owe you an article on how to motivate your team to use an information system to improve sales, service and support effectiveness. However, I saw a post today that I just had to pass on. Yaro Starak‘s post about an article by Rich Schefren is a must read!   Improving … Continue reading

Stellar Customer Service is easier and less expensive than you think

You don’t have to be in the Fortune 500 to build superior stellar customer service into your business. In fact, when’s the last time you called a Fortune 500 company for service and came away impressed with the service you got? The big guys have the resources to do whatever they want but, their size … Continue reading

CRM can help you get organized to be successful

Management gets a lot more out of CRM system if the sales team is using it because they want to, because it helps them sell more. And it really is just as simple as Mr. Misner describes.  As Bo Jackson said, “Just do it!” I hope its obvious but, to be sure its understood, I … Continue reading

Simply selling by believing

An article by Gary Jones on Sales got my attention today… Gary talks about changing your mindset to open up opportunities for sales success. There’s no question that we are usually our own worst enemies.  Our fears and doubts slow us down and cause us to overlook opportunities. Why is it soooooo difficult to … Continue reading