Making Contact Management Work Webinar

The release of “ACT! and Outlook are Holding You Back” has produced a ground swell of questions!  Readers want to discuss how they can apply these principals to their own businesses.   It seems that the feeling of being unable to reach your full potential in sales and service is unbelievably common.   On Tuesday, … Continue reading

ACT! and Outlook are Holding Your Business Back

You’re a small business.  You’re lean and mean.  You can make your competition look like a bunch of chumps! Except… ACT! and Outlook are holding your business back from being everything that it can.   We’ve just posted a new report that includes: 4 Reasons ACT! and Outlook are not working for you 7 Easy … Continue reading

Your small business is hitting the wall!

If you own a small business, you know what your larger competitors have that you don’t.  They’ve got resources to do things bigger and “ostensibly” better than you can.   But, do you know what you have that your competitors don’t?   Your lack of size and resources can actually be your greatest advantage!   … Continue reading

Forgetting your follow ups is sinking your ship

Another great article by Daniel Sitter!   This one about how frequently the flaw in your sales process is that you’re just not following up.   I can tell you from my point of view, as the CEO of a contact management service, that its true. In 2008, just remembering to call the right people … Continue reading

The one thing you changed in 2007 has asked its contributors to answer the question, “What’s the one thing you changed in 2007 that had the greatest impact on sales?”. There have been some fascinating responses. Jan Visser, founder of, asked me to contribute my two cents to the discussion. Click here to read my post to   The … Continue reading

Out of touch, out of luck…

I’ve got a young family and so, I don’t get “out” like I used to…   Last week, I let an old college buddy talk me into meeting him out for a beer or two after work.   Didn’t spend too much time or have too much fun but, the topper was when I walked … Continue reading

Xerox pioneered the science of selling

I once worked with a sales veteran who could show up and sit down in just about any situation and start building relationships and closing sales almost instantly.  His secret weapon was that he had worked for a Xerox distributor early in his career and had participated in a lot of Xerox sales training.   … Continue reading