Why You Must Use Process Automation When On-Boarding New Clients

by | Jul 2, 2018

Process Automation – It’s getting harder and harder to sign new clients. You go through a lot of time, money, and energy to onboard them and you want to do everything you can not to lose them. There are a few steps that you want to follow – and much of this can be automated.

Process Automation -The Various Steps

When you have a new client, you should be focusing on client onboarding. You want to make sure that you sent out a welcome email. Let them know that they are now a part of your family and also tell them what they can expect.

Process Automation

You will want to assign them to a specific team or sales member. Additionally, you want to call them with timing, details, etc.

Accounting should also set up the account and plan for renewal and subsequent billing that may need to occur. Be sure that this is handled quickly and efficiently so that you make it easy for clients to use your services (or buy your products).

There are also a few things that you can do that are considered non-essential:

  • Call with a thank you from a sales rep
  • Send a customer satisfaction survey by email
  • Follow up from the sales department for an upsell

There is value in all of the steps you provide, including the non-essential ones. Great communication goes a long way to make sure that your clients feel appreciated and know that you’re available to help them through the entire buying process.

A satisfaction survey can also tell you more about what you could be doing differently. This can help you to enhance the onboarding process for the next client.

Finally, when the sales department follows up, it provides you with the opportunity to upsell. This can increase the initial revenue that you capture from a client. It also shows the client that there are other items that they can obtain that may provide them with a better solution.

Why should you automate?

Consider how many steps you actually take for each client consistently. If you’re missing some of the steps or you are inconsistent, process automation can have a dramatic impact on your operations.

You have the opportunity to personalize emails and content for all of your clients. It alerts them when things are going on. It also provides alerts to you behind the scenes to know that it’s time to reach out to them by phone or by email. You can create beautiful emails that will be informative and easy to read. Additionally, a variety of tasks can be automated. You can have the tasks performed automatically as they are triggered by the behavior of the client.

Quotes, proposals, and more can be automated.

Consider how hard you worked to get a lead to become a client. Failure to communicate sufficiently can be enough to send a client running in the opposite direction. The good news is that process automation can make all the difference in the world.

Once you begin using the right automated processes, you can apply them to your lead generation tasks, too.

Did you know that even a bad lead will typically make a purchase within 24 months? If you’re not nurturing leads effectively, that lead is going to purchase from your competitor.

Good leads, bad leads, and new clients can be pushed through marketing automation processes that you have in place. It will make it easier for you to communicate and ensure that you are helping them to learn more about you as a business.

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