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by | Dec 8, 2009

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In all organizations, regardless of its size, sales function plays a pivotal role for the company. All the efforts of the firm toward delivering quality products and service finally get monetized through sales. In today’s business environment, the volume as well as speed at which sales happen demand a lot of agility and up-to-date information.

With customers having so many choices, the ability to acquire leads and converting as many as possible to customers is where success of a business is decided. This is where companies use technology to arm their sales force with an array of tools such as CRM, Sales Force Automation, Lead management systems and Email marketing.

Most of these tools, though specialized in its own sphere, brings along challenges when used in addition to other tools. Some of these challenges are:

  • Integration with company’s email server to keep a track of customer’s interaction
  • Requirement of manual migration of data / data entry from one system to the other
  • Steep license fee and maintenance costs for each of the packages
  • Upgraded network infrastructure and resource to maintain the same

Facing similar challenges, we were looking for a solution that would help us deal with them. Our search brought us to SaleNexus, a web-based contact management software. (SalesNexus refer to themselves as a web Contact Manager, but we feel they blur the lines between a CRM and contact management). This solution could empower our sales team with the latest features that helped them easily manage our clients and leads.

Here is our detailed review of the SaleNexus Contact Manager to help you see how it works and analyze its use for your business:

SalesNexus – One-Stop Hosted Solution

SalesNexus is a powerful tool that helps maximize the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts by bringing together the benefits of different technology tools. It has all the capabilities of evolved solutions such as CRM, Sales Force Automation and Email Campaign management.

What does SalesNexus offer?

Contact Management

Every contact, whether it is a customer or a business associate, has to be kept updated and in most cases made available to different members of your team. Having a historic record of interactions across each contact helps as a background for any of your team members.

The contact management feature in SalesNexus allows sharing of not just contacts, but also calendars, notes and documents at the click of your mouse.

Our sales team now does not have to spend time in looking for information on a particular contact. It is all accessible with just a single mouse click on SalesNexus.

Sales Force Automation

Sales force automation feature helps our frontline sales team as well as managers with the power of real-time information. It enables the sales team to record their activity and managers to see aggregated reports showing the larger picture.

Activity Reports

This feature allows each member of our sales team to log in the status of every customer or prospect attended. For example, they may label each prospect as ‘Hot’, ‘Warm’ or ‘Cold’ depending on the level of interest.

Reports can be generated at a click with amazing speeds. This is possible because the system has all the data within it and does not require any synchronizing time with other systems. At the end of the day, the sales person as well as the manager has a heads-up on the status of leads for the person as well as for the territory. Reports are also chronologically archived and can be easily retrieved whenever needed.

Workflow Design

It was really simple for us to incorporate our standard operating procedures and business rules for our sales team in SalesNexus. One of the features, for instance, is where for every lead entered and assigned, there can be automated reminders or triggers set to ensure that no lead goes unattended.

Using such useful features, we were able to standardize and implement the entire process of acquiring and processing leads with a lot of ease.

Mobile / Multi-Device Integration

Our sales representatives now do not have to wait to get to the office PC and key in a complete report for the whole day. With mobile and handheld integration, they can now update their reports through a mobile device enabled with a basic internet connection. SalesNexus supports various mobile platforms including Windows Mobile, Palm OS and Blackberry.

Outlook Sync

Features like calendar, contacts and tasks can be easily synchronized with Microsoft Outlook, without the hassles of forwards or export.

E-Marketing Tools

  • Email Integration

Email interaction with any contact can be fetched automatically within SalesNexus and mapped with the respective contact, straight from our office emailing system. There is no need for manual transfer or painful copy-pastes.

  • Email Campaign

SalesNexus has helped us segment our contacts and send out customized email campaigns. We can now manage engaging campaigns like e-newsletters through the system with much ease. SalesNexus enables us to personalize our communication through mail-merge fields.

  • Lead Capture

SalesNexus directly hooks up to our landing page lead database of our website and directly fetches the leads into the system. The tedious task of manual entry into the system is now history.

  • Lead and Conversion Reports

Through this feature we can generate historic reports to find campaign responses and easily trace the effectiveness of each of our campaigns. Leads can be traced until its final conversion to give us an overall conversion ratio.

Why use SalesNexus?

  • Many utilities – Single service

SalesNexus combines the functionality of different sales and marketing tools into a single friendly service.

  • Completely Hosted Service

SalesNexus comes to you as a totally hosted service where you do not need to install anything on your side. Once you sign-up, the entire service is available at a single click.

  • Anywhere Access

SalesNexus can be operated from any corner of the world. Its simple browser-based functionality requires an ordinary internet-enabled device.

  • Lower Cost of Ownership

Since SalesNexus doesn’t include any license fee and hardware requirements, companies get huge savings. SalesNexus claims it could be as high as even 68%.

  • Secure Hosting

The service is hosted on secure servers that comply with stringent security standards. Your data stays totally protected, as safe as it would be in your own secure premises.

Compare SalesNexus To Other CRM Applications:

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Why Switch From Act


SalesNexus offers two packages – Standard and Pro. SalesNexus Pro has some additional features, particularly for mobile access, Web lead management and email integration.


SalesNexus CRM has the advantages of being feature-rich and at the same time a hosted solution that comes at a phenomenal cost benefit. An area of concern however may be that your data is hosted on a third party server. However, with proper non-disclosure agreements and network security arrangements ensured, the SalesNexus software can give your organization a leading edge in sales. We know you’ll be happy with their level of service too. Even AFTER you’ve purchased. This from feedback from their customers.


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