A Sale is the Result of a Great Conversation

by | Feb 9, 2018

Not closing enough deals?  Maybe you’re talking too much.

Watch this short video by Sales and Marketing strategist, Steve Yastrow:

It’s not the smooth talk or the dazzling presentation you’ve delivered that get the order.  Sales happen when customers make their own decisions to part with their money and invite you to be one of their vendors.

Customers make decisions to work with people they trust. One way to build trust is through conversation.  A sales pitch won’t get you there.  Trust comes from demonstrating interest in what matters to the customer.  You learn about the customer; they learn about you, and a relationship is born.

Make your customer interactions about conversation and more customers will trust and prefer you!

Quick Tip:  Turn your CRM into your conversation coach!  Create question fields in the CRM to serve as conversation prompts and to make sure you always ask the right questions. Make sure to enter the answers, so you always remember them!

Watch these additional sales conversation tips from Steve Yastrow:

Steve Yastrow is a speaker and business advisor on issues of strategy, customer relationships, marketing and branding.  Steve’s also the author of “Ditch the Pitch”, “Brand Harmony” and other great books for helping businesses grow!