The Question Isn’t Why Your Sales Team Should be Email Marketing…but How?

by | Mar 13, 2018

Do you know how many people use email? You probably don’t have an exact number but you know the answer is, everyone, right? The question isn’t why you should be addressing (literally!) email marketing but if you are – and if not, why not?

Email Marketing for Sales Facts

Just to get the obvious out of the way, these are some rather eye-popping statistics from a recent story posted by SocialMediaToday. The story reported on an infographic released by EveryCloud (a hosted spam filter service) and they revealed the following:

  • 97% of businesses use email as a conversion tool.
  • 76% of subscribers purchase when engaging email marketing methods.
  • More than 205 billion emails are sent and received each day.
  • Consumers interact with nearly 11 different brands every day in the U.S.

So now the real question, how are you using you’re sales emails to engage customers, improve customer acquisitions and convert them…

Using Email Marketing Effectively

It is astonishing, how many times we find persistence right there with success, time and again. They are damn-near synonymous with each other and this applies to sales and marketing even more than most other arenas.

How many hours do your salespeople spend trying to start conversations? How about follow ups, sending new service or product information out and simply building those invaluable relationships? Email marketing campaigns for sales have come a long long way, evidenced by smart automation.

The need for mail will always be here, how we use that need will determine the success of our email marketing campaigns for sales, retention and conversions. Maybe more importantly than what an effective automated email campaign does, is what it doesn’t do…

Utilizing Your Company’s Greatest Resource

None of this is new information, yet so many businesses are still typing each individual email. There are still a few of us as well, who have their business card automatically attached to each email sent and think this is really automating! Most of us, however, are very well aware of the advances in AI, technology and automation. So we haven’t become fully automated because – why?

Maybe it is just a matter of getting started or even knowing where to begin. The good news is, the job isn’t as tasking as you might think and what you will realize most, is what automation doesn’t do! It won’t tie up your systems, it won’t require some extensive and expensive overhaul of your mainframe or require hours of training.

Most importantly, once your email marketing campaign is automated, it won’t tie up your company’s greatest resources – your salespeople. Your team will literally be able to spend less time mailing and more time selling, which is exactly what the best salespeople do.

Email Can’t do it All!

The truth is, regardless of how smart and “human” technology becomes, there will never be a replacement for a good salesperson. People sell, period. What technologies like automated email will do, is free those people to do what they do best.

The best technologies will even assist your sales team, provide email empowered appointment setting and scheduling and more, but it won’t shake your customer’s hand and greet them with your warm smile. We don’t improve our email system to make our email system better and maybe that’s why there are still some of us who haven’t fully automated. We improve and automate our email systems to make our make our people better.

How is your email marketing system making your team better? How are you using your email system to empower your people and increase sales? No, email can’t do it all – but it can help to make it all happen!