SalesNexus and IQDial combine Auto Dialer with CRM Software

by | Oct 5, 2017

SalesNexus and IQDial have combined to integrate powerful Auto Dialer with CRM Software technology to make outbound calling campaigns easy, fast and effective.’s Auto Dialer solution dials up to 3 lines at once so sales reps are connecting to more prospects in less time.  IQDial also automates dealing with phone menus and leaving voice mails so that salespeople spend their time talking to live prospects.

SalesNexus CRM Software allows sales teams to efficiently manage large lists of leads and customers for outbound calling and marketing automation.

Now, with the combination of SalesNexus and IQDial, sales teams can quickly identify the leads, prospects and clients to target with specific offers, place those contacts in an IQDial campaign, auto dial through very large lists in very little time and maximize the number valuable conversations held with potential customers.

Plus, the IQDial auto dialer tracks the disposition of every call and places that information in the customer records in the SalesNexus CRM solution.  Salespeople and managers can easily report on results of campaigns and schedule next steps, such as follow up calls and email campaigns, according to what happened during the calling campaign so that each customer gets the follow up that’s best for them.

Traditional Outbound Calling Campaigns

Traditionally, making large numbers of outbound calls is time consuming and frustrating.

  1. Gather lists and merge excel files.

  2. Delegate leads to various salespeople with more excel files.

  3. Sales people make calls and provide reports on results manually.

  4. Management gathers this information in order to manage sales performance and manage next steps for each customer.

  5. Time Required: 2 days / 100 contacts

Calling Campaigns with CRM Software combined with IQDial Auto Dialer

  1. Quickly search for specific leads or customers based on any criteria.

  2. Delegate the leads to sales people in 2 clicks.

  3. Put the leads into the IQDial Campaign with 2 clicks.

  4. Immediately see results categorized by results in the SalesNexus CRM Software.

  5. Schedule appropriate follow up for entire groups of prospects based on call disposition.

  6. Time Required: 2 hours / 100 contacts

Auto Dialer Enables More Conversations

Whether you’re making a few follow up calls for an hour or two a day or reaching out to 100s of leads each week, most time dedicated to outbound calling campaigns is spent dialing the phone, waiting for a connection, navigating phone systems and leaving voice mails.

The IQ Dial Auto Dialer eliminates all of this wasted time so that callers move through large lists in a fraction of the time and spend most of their time talking with real prospects.

300% Increase in Sales with Auto Dialer and CRM Software

The combination of SalesNexus CRM Software and IQDial Auto Dialer gives sales teams the ability to increase the size of their sales funnel or sales pipeline by at least 300% without adding staff.