SalesNexus Release Notes

Exciting new features are arriving  to SalesNexus users!

Let’s take a look at the improvements for the release scheduled for Thursday, April 30th 2020, most notable being our updated import process, the addition of the new Settings, and Integrations Pages, and other tweaks and improvements!

Read on for the latest and greatest!

Release April 30th, 2020

Enhancements & Improvements

  • 1919 – Imports – We’ve made some massive improvements to our Imports Process. We’ve also added the ability to add newly imported  contacts to a Specific Group right from the Import Page!

  • 2062 –  All new⚙️Settings Menu! Everything is Streamlined. Just look for the ⚙️Gear Icon on your ToolBar or navigate to X Menu > System Settings. Here, Easily Add Contacts, Manage Users, Manage Your Account, and so much more! Can’t find something? Search for it!

    • 2061 – Showcase Integrations for easier access to common integrations. No need to search, friends! Go to X Menu > System Settings > Integrations. Here you’ll be able to request web lead capture, get your email capture and calendars synced up, and connect with other applications you use every day!
  • 2059 – Collecting Leads from Your Website has never been easier! Now you can request a Lead Capture Setup Script directly from your SalesNexus Account!

  • 1966 –   We’ve added the ability to merge contacts! Duplicate Contacts? No problem! In your contact lookup, click “Edit List” and then select the contacts you’d like to Merge. Made a mistake? No worries! You’ll see notes with the old information on the Contact Record’s “Notes” detailing the update.


  • 1737 – Ability to delete Group Documents – Want to delete old files or irrelevant documents from a group? We’ve added the ability to delete documents quickly and easily from the Group Docs Screen.

  • 2008 – Allow admin users to change username/login email address in user settings. New email? Tired of Your Username? Admins can now change the logon email address and username of any user, not just their password.
  • 2066 – Import service UI improvements

Bug Fixes

  • 1996 – Deleting a field will now be automatically removed from your layouts (no more errors)
  • 2113 – Email template button fixes – Updated Click Tracking
  • 2009 – Last Note field is now a character field (instead of date field)

Release February 6th, 2020

Enhancements & Improvements


  • 1917 – For import, check duplicate on email address by default
  • 1911 – Ability to Sync Google & Outlook Contacts on the Import Page
  • 1918 – When finished importing, save that mapping as last used
  • 1915  – Add the ability to +add a new field from the imports page
  • 1916 – Verify all setting are correct prior to continuing during the import steps
  • 1923 – When looking at the previous imports page, add the ability to set current lookup from previous import
  • 1941 – Introduced Smart Auto Mapping for fields in Imports
  • 1943 – When mapping data, give tooltip with sample data to help the user match the column.

Email Campaign

  • 1890 – Set a character limit on campaign name, template name, email campaign subject
  • 1924 – Change the order of the campaigns menu
  • 1927 – Make Template Name an editable textbox by clicking to open
  • 1928 – Start A Campaign from any Email Template 
  • 1930 – Make a thumbnail preview of the email template on the email campaign screen
  • 1932 – In View a Campaign details page, make the “Show..” button display whatever is selected
  • 1934 – Added Open/Clicks Visibility & Date Filters
    • Ability to view Campaigns Open & Click Rates from the View Campaigns Page
    • Added Ability to Sort Campaign Results By Date in Campaign Details Page
    • Added date filter picker that affects the open/clicks/emails sent number


  • 1952 – Remove delete option for the all contacts security group

Bug Fixes

  • 1929 – When copying an email template, the name should be named exactly as typed in (no underscores or “Copy”)
  • 1940 – View Sales Report page not saving user selection
  • 1959 – Saving and loading mapping checkboxes were not working properly in the imports page
  • 1969 – remove DKIM warning from Company Profile & Create Campaign pages, send from in email engine
  • 1973 – FTs updating their user info could change the contact id/status incorrectly in SNL
  • 1987 – Update the automation database on edit list and when importing csv file. Basically editing/creating contacts using these methods will work correctly when working with Automation.
  • 1988 – Improved compatibility with Outlook Capture
  • 2004 – Bug fix that prevented users from saving their company name.
  • Various Additional Security Improvements

What are you wanting to see in the next release? Let us know in the comments below!