Simply selling by believing

by | Nov 21, 2007

An article by Gary Jones on Sales got my attention today…

Gary talks about changing your mindset to open up opportunities for sales success.

There’s no question that we are usually our own worst enemies.  Our fears and doubts slow us down and cause us to overlook opportunities.

Why is it soooooo difficult to keep one’s self in a positive frame of mind?

Of course, there is tons of medical and psychological research out there about how the core of our brains are ruled by survival instincts like fear (fight or flight…), etc.

Those emotions take over quickly and easily.

In spite of the countless books written by the godfathers of sales expertise and motivation, all of them preaching affirmations, etc., human nature keeps getting the better of us.

And as sales managers, business owners and sales trainers, we tend to reinforce the fears and self limiting thought patterns.

We focus on overcoming objections.  We focus training on sales “funnels” where most of the prospects fall out of the funnel…

At SalesNexus, many of our clients’ biggest concern is to track the activity of newly hired sales reps so that they can see where they need help, training, coaching…. i.e. what they’re doing wrong.

I see a future in which your Sales Automation system sends the manager an alert when a rep reaches a goal – 50 calls completed today – or even better, congratulates the rep.  Where the rest of the sales team can see a “leader board” of reps who have excelled or exceeded expectations.  In my business, this should not be limited to how much they sold but, its most valuable at the day to day activity level.  The blocking and tackling.

Think about your world.  What are you doing right consistently?  How can you spend more time maximizing that strength?

What are the things that slow you down each day?  What are the dark clouds that haunt you day in and day out?  Can you look past them?  What would you be able to do if they disappeared instantly? Write those accomplishments down.

Read your list of accomplishments each morning.  Watch solutions and opportunities appear where the clouds once were.