Stonehenge Selling

by | Aug 6, 2008

Finally!  Proof that you don’t need the latest and greatest technology to accomplish great things!

You may think that’s an unwise statement given that I run a company that sells online contact management systems for small business sales teams…

So, let me first say that SalesNexus does have some pretty cool and cutting edge technology.  However, we’re different from others in the CRM and contact management markets by focusing more on helping our clients understand their own sales and marketing processes.  Then we customize our technology to fit their business’ needs.

In other words, we try to keep it as simple as possible.  Sales people want to sell, not play with computers.  The technology should be as transparent as possible.

So, today I saw the video below of Wally Wallington using simple rocks, pieces of wood and buckets of concrete to move blocks of concrete that weight thousands of pounds.  He’s basically figured out a totally low tech way that Stonehenge could have been built.  Watch the video…

Isn’t that amazing!  To give credit where credit is due, I first saw the video on J-Walk Blog.

Wally’s amazing accomplishment with stone age tools is a great example of how its more about understanding the process and the “levers” in the process.

If you sell or are a marketer, do you understand where the levers are in your process?

I can assure you that they are there.  Some are have mild strength and some have the power to propell you and your business to new heights.

The process of identifying and then measuring the steps in your sales and marketing processes, so that you can see where the levers are, is not just about measuring the performance of your current sales team or your marketing ROI.

Its just like what Wally did.  Once you start to look at the levers you’re employing today, you can start to imagine and evaluate new and stronger levers much more effectively!

So, start moving the rocks around people!