Supercharged Selling

by | Jul 28, 2016

Sure, selling is an art.  Most good salespeople bring intuitive “people skills” to the table.  However, what separates the top producers from everyone else is often process.

The most common short comings that undermine a salesperson’s success are Call Reluctance and Lack of Focus on Prospecting.

Salespeople often prioritize customers that are about to purchase over doing the networking, research and outbound calling that put new prospects into the top of their funnel.  Of course, they should focus on closing business.  That’s why having a process that ensures ample time is allocated to prospecting is crucial to maintain success.

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A good way of organizing who needs to be called and why also helps avoid call reluctance.  Let’s face it, its easy to over analyze a call you’re about to make.  It’s easy to spend 5 or 10 minutes mentally rehearsing the call.  But, the fact is that most outbound calls end with a voice mail.  And that means you’re wasting 5 or 10 minutes per call.

Being organized and following a process help you know exactly what you need to say to a prospect or client without all the planning and rehearsing and that allows you to make more prospecting calls in less time.

We put together Supercharged Selling to help sales leaders and salespeople see the basic steps to creating a process and organizing sales activity to manage more customers more effectively using their CRM software.

See simple ways to…

  • Organize Customers
  • Manage Time
  • Track Status
  • Stay on Top of Follow Ups

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