How to Integrate Calendly and SalesNexus

by | Mar 13, 2020

Today we’ll be showing you how easy it is to integrate SalesNexus and Calendly, a Calendar and Scheduling Management App that helps you schedule meetings without all the back-and-forth emails.

Calendly is a scheduling tool that allows your clients and customers to schedule meetings with you by choosing from the available time slots on your calendar.  

This saves you hours that you would have normally spent setting up meetings.  SalesNexus is not affiliated with Calendly, but we do integrate with them.

Once you integrate SalesNexus and Calendly, when clients schedule meetings on your calendar, the meeting syncs with your SalesNexus Calendar as well.

How to Signup for Calendly

  1. Go to Calendly’s website and signup for a free account using the email address associated with the calendar you are syncing with SalesNexus.(see: How to Setup Calendar Sync)
  2. Setup your Meeting types, and durations in Calendly
  3. Setup the available days, and hours for scheduling appointments

To test that the integration is working:

  1. Create an appointment for yourself using your Calendly link (example:<yourname>)
  2. Check your calendar (not the SalesNexus calendar), and confirm the appointment is present
  3. Once you see the appointment on your calendar, next check the SalesNexus calendar (it can take up to 10 minutes for a new appointment to show on your SalesNexus calendar)

Thats it! You are now ready to manage all of your meetings using SalesNexus, saving time and allowing you to put more focus on the important things!

NOTE:  SalesNexus is not affiliated with Calendly.  If you encounter issues with Calendly, you will need to reach out to their support personnel.