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4 Excuses Salespeople Give For Not Using a CRM

CRM Excuses

Salespeople CRM Excuses – Salespeople can be finicky, but you don’t want them any other way. After all, they are the divas of your company, setting their own schedules and driven by results instead of sitting at their desk waiting for the whistle at the end of the shift. That being said, you still want … Continue reading

CRM Adoption Silver Bullet

CRM Adoption Silver Bullet

CRM adoption is like the Holy Grail of sales teams.  It’s crucial to the congealing of the team, strategic initiatives and processes and underpins every goal for sales growth, marketing success and customer service brilliance. But, like Monty Python’s King Arthur clapping coconuts together to simulate the sound of horse hooves, sales managers often end … Continue reading

CRM Training Success

crm training

Effective CRM training is the key to getting your sales team onboard and off to a fast start, without disrupting their sales efforts. Lack of user adoption is the #1 killer of CRM rollouts.  However, typical training approaches can err on both sides of the equation, too much information as well as not enough. Common … Continue reading

I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ CRM

Don't Like CRM

…. Or Why Your Sales VP Just Quit It happens every day.  A growing business hires a sales leader from outside to “take us to the next level”.  The new guy or girl walks through the door ready to share their experience.  That’s a big part of why they were hired.  The business’ leadership is … Continue reading