SalesNexus & QuickBooks Integration-Payments

Using a free account with Zapier, you can integrate SalesNexus with thousands of apps that you use every day.  Today we’ll be showing you how to automatically create a new task for a member of your team in SalesNexus CRM when an invoice gets paid in the accounting software Quickbooks. This can alert them in real … Continue reading

How to Start Improving Your Sales Process Today

Paul Maskill of the Business Owner’s Freedom Podcast recently sat down with Craig Klein, CEO of SalesNexus to discuss How to Start Improving Your Sales Process TODAY. What They Dig Into How to start improving your sales process How to start turning “NO’s” into “YES’s” Step-by-step process for market domination What are the most important KPI’s to measure success … Continue reading

Add New Fields to the Opportunities Page

Add New Fields to Sales Opportunity Page in SalesNexus CRM

Want to add new fields to SalesNexus for the Sales Opportunity Page? First, you’ll add the fields to SalesNexus, as shown in Step 1, and then you’ll add them to your Sales Opportunity Layout as shown in Step 2. Read on for details. Step 1 Go to the “X” menu > System Settings > Create … Continue reading

Easily Edit Info on Lookups and View All Contacts Screen

Edit Any Field In A Contact List Or Lookup

Applies to:  R4 Version Edit Information on Lookups and View All Contacts Screen by simply Clicking & Holding on any Field To do this, follow below: Click on the Field you want to edit, and hold for 5 Seconds NOTE:  To reduce the amount of time required to “hold” the click, go to X > My … Continue reading