The Irrational Customer

by | Apr 24, 2009

While multi tasking, Twittering and emailing today, I ran across a post on Seth Godin’s blog that really hit home.  I had to stop and share it with you.

Seth nails the fundamental difference between mediocre sales people and top producing sales people in business to business sales.  Best of all, its less than a page long!  Brevity is indeed the soul of wit Mr. Godin!

The post is really about marketing but, the point is the same with sales people.  We spend most of our energy trying to “make the case” that our solution or product will be the smart investment.  We try to reason with the customer using ROI analysis, etc.

However, except in frequently purchased, can’t live without types of products and services, most people decide on when to buy and who to buy from for emotional reasons.

Read Seth’s post for more.