The Secret To Meeting Your 2019 Sales Goals

by | Feb 13, 2019

Good job! You’ve made it through the first leg of January. You’ve been given sales goals and you are doing all that you can to reach them. You may be starting to feel as if you won’t reach them or you are starting to get behind.

You may even find yourself in a slump where prospects are too busy with the beginning of the year to return calls, your pipeline is drying up, and you can see the “salesperson of the year” award and nice vacation dream fading into the distance.

Let’s stop right there. Let’s leave that mentality in 2018.

Whether you’re starting 2019 off with a bang, or are struggling to keep up, the following tips are for you!

Use these tips to get on the phone with more potential customers, and increase your bottom line to reach those (not so lofty) 2019 Sales Goals:

  1. Make sure your calendars are synced to SalesNexus (How to guides for Google or Outlook). Set alarms for your tasks and meetings to be notified before important events or calls.
  2. Automate Your Email Marketing to your Prospects and Clients (ask us about a SalesNexus Automation plan) Create an email campaign asking your prospects to schedule a time with you, and make your follow ups effortless. Potential Clients will appreciate the consistency and tenacity of your professional communication.
  3. Measure your sales activities using your CRM so you can improve your close rate, monitor your pipeline, and evaluate WEEKLY what’s working and what is not. Shoot for the goal of having 3x your sales goal in your pipeline at all times. (Here’s how to set up Sales Dashboards in SalesNexus)
  4. Continue utilizing your existing network. Have you reached out to your current customers to ask for a referral? Chances are they would love to refer you to friends/family! Consider setting up an automation campaign to do this for you.
  5. Are you asking for more? When you send over a proposal are you also adding additional services for them to choose from? Are you going for that extra sale to make their business “more sticky”?

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