The Year of Email Marketing

by | Jul 31, 2009

2009 is indeed the year of email marketing! Early this year I began to hear email marketing brought up as an affordable marketing avenue that would find greater popularity due to the economy and companies’ need to cut costs while working harder than ever to market and sell…

It just so happened that SalesNexus had decided to make Email Marketing our #1 development priority for 2009. So far, we’ve already upgraded our email server backend technology, released new opt-in/opt-out management and a library of 50 pre-designed email templates included in each The Year of Email Marketingsubscription. Before the end of 2009, we plan to release open and click through tracking, analytics and dynamic campaigns that change for each contact based on their individual behavior.

So, in June, we released “Email Marketing – The Only Bailout Your Business Needs“. Its been a huge success! This last Tuesday, we held an Email Marketing Workshop in the form of a webinar. We selected one lucky SalesNexus customer and worked with them to develop the strategy, the content and the actual emails so that all workshop participants could see the entire process live in action.

Wow! We got some tremendous feedback. It seems the vast majority of small businesses have very high hopes for initiating their own email marketing campaigns but, really don’t know where to start.

Then today, I saw a tweet about a marketing survey. Be sure to check the survey out here. According to the survey, Email Marketing is one the top marketing methods by budget and expectations.

80% said Email is the strongest performing marketing channel they have.

54% said they plan to increase their email marketing budget this year.

So much promise. But from the experience with our webinar, there is so little know how.

Here’s the good news folks…

Email Marketing is not hard. The concepts and skills required to be very successful driving sales results through email marketing are simple. Some are counter-intuitive though.

We’re going to hold our webinar again – at a date to be disclosed later – to be sure we get this information out there for everyone.

In the meantime, take a look at our Marketing Services page and reach out to my good friend Steven Greene. He’ll be happy to discuss your needs with you and point you in the right direction.

Then get started. Don’t worry that you’re not Shakespeare. You’re an expert at what you do. Put that expertise in emails and send them to people that will value it. You’ll be surprised how things take off after you take the first couple of steps.