There’s No “I” in Team: The Big Benefit of CRM Software

by | Aug 1, 2014

Think of sales as a sport. It has always been seen as an individual effort. Members of the same “sales team” often compete against each other for sales. They focus on themselves and don’t care much about their colleagues.

CRM software puts the team back in teamwork. It provides the hub necessary for effective communication, which is the foundation of a successful team.

Today’s buyer has evolved. The sales process is longer. Buyers want to feel informed and completely comfortable before making a purchase. This means the sales team must evolve to keep up.

Sharing is Caring

For today’s sales teams to succeed all members need to drop the lone wolf mentality. Sales go up when employees stop the competition with each other and focus on collaboration.

CRM software makes it easy to share all data about a customer. Train your employees to keep track of every bit of information in your customer profiles. It gives everyone on your team an idea of what happens with each sales lead.

Keep track of who made contact with each customer and what they said. This allows each team member to pick up the conversation right where it left off.

Think of your new sales process as a game of baseball. Not every member of your team has to hit a home run every time they come to the plate. Each person can play to their strengths and score just as many runs (sales) as a team.

The New Sales Manager

CRM software redefines the role of the sales manager. Gone are the days when the sales manager just observes the sales process being used by each individual member.

Instead the sales manager functions like a coach. He focuses his efforts on building a solid team based on everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.

The goal of the new sales manager is to use collective brainstorming to drive sales. This collaboration brings everyone into the sales development strategy. Everyone uses the CRM software to see where progress is made.They are encouraged to share ideas to make the sales process better.

The sales manager analyzes what works for each customer and has his team use the information to move forward in sales where they are stuck.

Team Morale

CRM software changes the whole climate of your business. It offers complete transparency and accountability for each action. Sales “teams” of the past could hardly be called teams at all.

Miscommunication often resulted from the lack of organization. Companies didn’t have an easy way to share all of the information related to each customer.

CRM software makes it possible for every single move to be tracked. The members of your team can easily streamline all of the information gathered into one central location. It minimizes the possibility of miscommunication.

Your business benefits from a sales team that communicates and collaborates with each other, and CRM software makes this all possible.