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Enrich Your Customer Contact Information with the SalesNexus x Partnership

CRM and Marketing Automation platform SalesNexus has recently announced its partnership with, a provider of B2B lead data. The integration of RampedUp’s powerful API allows SalesNexus customers to quickly and easily streamline the enrichment of their customer contact information. With a single click, customers have instant access to updated and reliable customer information without having … Continue reading

April 2023 Release

March 2023 release

Today, SalesNexus announced the release of the latest updates to its CRM and Marketing Automation Suite. This is scheduled to be available on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, at 2 am Central. HERE’S WHAT’S NEW New Features Schedule Campaigns over a Series of Start Dates Fed up trying to divide a list into subsets so you can schedule them … Continue reading

Automate Cold Outreach with Emails, Texts AND Calls

Automate Cold Outreach with Emails, Texts AND Calls

Do you need a way to automate cold outreach, and take a list of potential customers, and start reaching out to them to turn them into customers?  I mean without cold calling! Get all that done in an easy, automatic, and efficient system with SalesNexus. Here’s how: Steps to Automate Cold Outreach with CRM and … Continue reading

October 2022 Release

October 2022 Release

Today, SalesNexus announced the release of the latest updates to its CRM and Marketing Automation Suite. This is scheduled to be available on Wednesday, October 20, 2022, at 8:30 pm ET / 11:30 pm Pacific. Here’s what’s new Enhancements: DKIM Setup Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) allows senders to associate a domain name with an … Continue reading

EMAIL DELIVERY: Technical Configuration Guide

Success in email marketing involves taking care of a number of details, some obvious and some essentially hidden from view. Some of the technical aspects of it can get quite confusing and overwhelming if you’re trying it out for the first time. We created this guide to help you understand and address some of these … Continue reading

Building a Sales Organization with Craig Klein

Get to know SalesNexus founder and CEO Craig Klein as he shares his journey in the sales and marketing world with Alex Guz on the Revenue Engine Podcast. Craig details how he ventured into the world of sales, the mistakes he made early on as an entrepreneur, and the lessons he learned the hard way … Continue reading

Email Marketing Tips

Are you looking for some email marketing tips to send out successful email marketing campaigns? In this Email Marketing Mastery Webinar, we share with you what you need to know to improve your email campaign performance, keep your emails out of the SPAM folder, and how to optimize your email campaigns, among other things.  This … Continue reading

Text Message Marketing for Beginners

text message marketing for beginners

Text Message Marketing: What is it for? Is it legal? How do I do it right? Where do I get mobile leads? How can I set it up? And perhaps most importantly: Does it work? In this Text Message Marketing webinar for beginners, SalesNexus CEO Craig Klein discusses some of the basics when it comes … Continue reading

RampedUp Data Integration in SalesNexus

SalesNexus is integrated with RampedUp to provide SalesNexus users instant access to additional contact information for any contact added to SalesNexus. If all you have is an email, SalesNexus now allows you to instantly add Company, Title, Phone, Address and other details to the contact! How it works First, open up the contacts page. Next, … Continue reading

Why SMBs need an online CRM solution

blog banners online crm

With the online CRM solutions available today, you can integrate your sales and marketing strategies to nurture your leads. In this podcast, SalesNexus CEO Craig Klein speaks with MarTech Podcast host Benjamin Shapiro about the reasons small-medium businesses could take advantage of an online CRM solution to service their customers and scale their business. Learn how … Continue reading