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I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ CRM

Don't Like CRM

…. Or Why Your Sales VP Just Quit It happens every day.  A growing business hires a sales leader from outside to “take us to the next level”.  The new guy or girl walks through the door ready to share their experience.  That’s a big part of why they were hired.  The business’ leadership is … Continue reading

Social CRM, SalesNexus and FullContact

Social CRM

SalesNexus, a well-established online CRM, email marketing, and lead generation provider, offers numerous features that allow users to get the most out of their sales CRM.  Not only does SalesNexus offer a solution to those who could use a tool for email marketing, marketing automation, lead generation and sales team management, but also allows complete … Continue reading

Actionable Sales Dashboards in Your CRM

You need your sales dashboard to give you instant intelligence about what’s happening with your customers, your sales team and in your sales pipeline. Pretty graphs of generic things like how many meetings got held are nice but, you need more. To know if a salesperson is focused in the right places, you need to … Continue reading

What’s Your Passion?

What's Your Passion

What’s your passion? Such a simple question but, very difficult for many of us to answer. It wasn’t until recently that I realized my own… am I’m not a young man 🙂 I’ve had the opportunity to mentor college students in the last few years and it’s really been striking how much trouble they have … Continue reading

How to Qualify Sales Leads

Qualify Sales Leads

Are all sales leads created equally? Do your salespeople treat them that way? When you have a consistent criteria to define a qualified leads, sales results increase.  Your salespeople can focus their time on the opportunities most likely to yield revenue in the near term and still maintain appropriate “nurturing” of the rest. This short … Continue reading

Easy Steps to Start Nurturing Leads

Your spending a lot of time and money generating leads and only a small percentage turn into customers initially. 79% of new leads are not ready to purchase yet.  Can you stay in touch with them for weeks, months or even years as they go through their own buying process? Lead Nurturing consistently yields 15 … Continue reading

Supercharged Selling

Supercharged Selling using your CRM Software

Sure, selling is an art.  Most good salespeople bring intuitive “people skills” to the table.  However, what separates the top producers from everyone else is often process. The most common short comings that undermine a salesperson’s success are Call Reluctance and Lack of Focus on Prospecting. Salespeople often prioritize customers that are about to purchase … Continue reading

New SalesNexus Upgrade – What’s New?

The newest update to SalesNexus Sales CRM and Marketing Automation is available to new and existing clients!  Here’s a short overview of significant changes that existing users will want to be aware of.  Watch the video of the new version and see your upgrade options below. Why Upgrade to the New SalesNexus? Integrations with FullContact, … Continue reading

CRM Cost – How much does CRM really cost?

CRM Implementation Success

Determining the real cost of purchasing (or subscribing to) implementing and maintaining a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is undoubtedly a challenge.  And that’s before you begin running the numbers on what the return on that investment in CRM will be! And truly, that IS the point.  Ultimately, the overall cost of the CRM should … Continue reading