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Supercharged Selling

Supercharged Selling using your CRM Software

Sure, selling is an art. Most good salespeople bring intuitive “people skills” to the table. However, what separates the top producers from everyone else is often process. The most common short comings that undermine a salesperson’s success are Call Reluctance and Lack of Focus on Prospecting. Salespeople often prioritize customers that are about to purchase … Continue reading

New SalesNexus Upgrade – What’s New?

The newest update to SalesNexus Sales CRM and Marketing Automation is available to new and existing clients!  Here’s a short overview of significant changes that existing users will want to be aware of.  Watch the video of the new version and see your upgrade options below. Why Upgrade to the New SalesNexus? Integrations with FullContact, … Continue reading

CRM Implementation: How much does CRM really cost?

CRM Implementation: How much does CRM really cost? Featured image

CRM implementation cost is a big factor in choosing the right system for your business. Whether by purchase or subscription, it is a challenge to determine the real cost of implementing and maintaining a CRM software. Ultimately, the overall CRM implementation cost should only be a fraction of the return you realize over time. That … Continue reading