4 Creative Email Marketing Ideas

Don’t Let Your Email Marketing Get Stagnant

You have a list, a group, of loyal followers who have agreed to receive your emails on a regular basis. Good job! You may be thinking that the hard part is over, right? Not so. The fun has just begun. Now that you have the fans, you need to give them what they want. Sure, it’s ok to have regular scheduled emails, promos and newsletters, but these can become dull and monotonous if you don’t spice things up from time to time. People respond well to freshness and new ideas. Don’t just settle for status quo; use one of these 4 creative email marketing ideas to increase your reader engagement now.

4 Creative Email Marketing Ideas:


1. Cross-Sell Your Products or Services. If you are a more advanced email marketer you have the benefit of data that enables you to know what your customers bought previously and recommend new products that are complementary. Think Amazon – they do this well.  “If you like product xyz, then you’ll like product abc.” How many times have you bought books they recommend or that other readers who bought the same book liked? This personalizes the email and makes it helpful, actually.

2. Promote a Limited Time Offer or Quick Sale.  These activities are an opportunity for you to give back to your loyal readers. Because they give you their email addresses and continue to receive your email marketing, you should give back. These offers are only for email lists and only for a limited time. If they read your email too late they will be sure to read it fast next time so as not to miss a killer deal!
3. Market Products You Don’t Offer. No, you won’t be getting paid for this, but the payoff is huge. By taking the focus off of selling and putting it on providing valuable information to your customers they will respect you more and value your communications more.  Just make sure these “goodwill” marketing efforts are for products or services your audience would generally care about.  Then get back to sharing your awesome stuff! It pays to share the limelight. Who knows, someone may do the same for you!
4. Get to Know Your Customers. Again, the theme here is taking the focus off of the brand or sale for a moment and acquainting yourself with the consumer. Send them a short survey to find out their likes, dislikes, purchase behaviors and how you can improve your products, services to better serve them. This may not lead to a direct monetary gain, but the indirect benefits are huge. Be sure to thank them for their time and feedback. Offer them a discount on future purchases, free shipping or a small gift card or inexpensive branded item. Thank them and they will thank you!
Incorporating some of these ideas into your current email-marketing schedule will help keep your readers on their toes and keep them engaged! Check out How To Improve Email Marketing Open Rates for more ideas on getting your email marketing campaigns read!