4 Critical Ways Your Marketing Automation Develops Trust

marketing automationThe words “Marketing Automation” often bring back memories of the dry, impersonal emails you have received.  You probably hate it when you get an email that has obviously auto-populated your name, yet talks about something that would NEVER entice you to purchase from the company. 

Lazy marketing automation can actually drive potential customers away from even considering your company.  If you do it wrong, expect a lot of unsubscribe requests.

Develop trust in your company, your products and services by implementing these four relationship building methods.

Uncover What Your Prospects Want

If you talk to the sales lead rather than opening a conversation, you are missing the point of marketing automation.

Analyze the aspirations and afflictions of your best customers:  One of your best resources for this analysis is your existing CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).  In this data you will find clues.  Beyond the raw data, ask your sales people, customer service staff and directly call your customers.  This research will reveal their current struggles and their dreams.

Know How Your Company is Different

We are deep in a sales environment where the buyer is controlling the sales process.  Even the most talented and assertive sales person cannot overcome a weakly defined value proposition.

Becoming a commodity with sales based on price alone is one of the biggest threats faced by sellers.  The most effective way to compete on something other than price is to be something different than your direct competitors.


Again, research your USP (Unique Value Proposition) internally and externally with customers.  Ask directly, “How does our company provide value?”  Get clear answers to that question and make sure that your marketing automation communicates the USP in everything you do.

Love Buyer Objections

Any sales process involves buyer objections.  In fact, some sales training companies will tell you objections are a buying signal.  One thing is certain…if you ignore buyer objections; your marketing automation is doomed for failure.

Don’t wait for the internet empowered buyer to tell you their objections.  Since most buyers are addicted to the web.  If you ignore the known objections, it might be easier to keep searching for a company that addresses objections clearly and intentionally. 

These unresponsive buyers may never unsubscribe.  They may never tell you why they stopped reading your emails.  Instead, they simply ignore your emails, don’t respond to voice mail and pretend you don’t exist.  Addressing known objections cause the sales lead to feel that you know their needs, understand their doubts, and answer their questions without them even asking.

Grow Trust and Confidence

Effective marketing automation is a series of communication with one very important goal.  When done effectively, the sales lead begins to see you as a resource for the information they need.

Instead of telling them how good you are, entertain them with stories.  Show them case studies about customers experiencing success.  Offer comparisons that educate and inform the sales lead.  Useful information is the most powerful tool for dissolving the barrier to trust.  Sure, your campaigns can be defined as marketing automation.  The most successful automated campaigns can be called automated relationship building.